Are you in need of heating repair?

Heating repair Peoria AZHeating problems aren’t always limited to a single area. When your HVAC system is responsible for heating and cooling, even more can go wrong. Problems in one part of a unit may affect another. With fast and accurate heating repair, Peoria, AZ, residents call on Sunrise Mechanical Inc to make sure the job gets done right.

Repair heating problems before they get worse!

When your heater goes out in the dead of winter, you can’t afford to wait around.  Unfortunately, the environment in Arizona can really take a toll on HVAC units. If they aren’t weatherproofed correctly, damage to wiring, insulation, and rust build-up can occur. Improperly scheduled maintenance can lead to worn components that start a cascading reaction that can cause additional problems.

We’re prepared for any kind of heating issue

Our technicians diagnose the problem before we begin work. Our team of certified experts understand the working relationships between HVAC parts. Understanding how one area affects another allows us to accurately diagnose issues. This lets us quickly begin repairs. Heating problems we repair include:

Have a furnace that's acting up?

Along with heater and HVAC repair, we can also fix gas furnaces, heat pumps, and more!

Your Source for Local Heating Repair

Not every heating repair company provides equal services. We continually receive excellent reviews and maintain an A+ BBB rating. Many of our technicians work and live in the Peoria, AZ area. We take pride in providing individual residents and homes with the highest quality heating contractors in the area.

Get accurate heating repair for any heater type.

Our heating repair technicians are extensively trained and certified. We work with gas, electric, and oil heaters, so no matter how you heat your home, you only need to make one call. When we do a repair, we make sure it’s done right. Your heater can last 25 years or longer with regular maintenance. It doesn’t just prevent problems now; it saves you money later.

Have you had your insulation looked at lately? It could be the culprit! We can also inspect your insulation to make sure heat isn’t escaping from your home. Troubles with your home insulation including areas such as your attic can make your heating unit run less efficiently.

Heating Repair Peoria AZ

Heating Repair for the Long Term

All of our repairs are carried out using high-grade replacement parts. These frequently have extended warranties, and we guarantee they meet or exceed OEM specifications. As your one-stop heating repair solution, we work on every make, model, and brand of heater. When you want thorough, reliable, and accurate heating repair in Peoria, AZ from the heating repair company locals have trusted for over 30 years call or contact us today.