HVAC Repair

HVAC Repair Peoria Arizona
You rely on your HVAC system to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. That’s why when it comes to HVAC repair, Peoria AZ demands efficiency, craftsmanship, and reliability. With summer temperatures rising above 100 degrees on a regular basis, you need HVAC repair you can dependĀ on from a local company like Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

We’re your complete Peoria, AZ HVAC repair company. We perform work on every system type, make, model, and problem. It all begins with a thorough diagnosis in order to pinpoint the problem. Depending on the nature of our findings we’ll recommend repairs or replacement; whichever option makes the most economical sense for you. If there are multiple solutions or options available, we’ll discuss these with you and answer any questions you may have before moving forwards. Just some of the problems our local HVAC technicians frequently diagnose and repair include:

HVAC Problems

  • Poorly functioning thermostat
  • HVAC unit turns off without warning
  • Strange smells or noises
  • Reduced cooling
  • HVAC over-cycling

  • HVAC unit doesn’t turn off
  • Unequal heating/cooling of rooms
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Airflow reductions
  • HVAC system leaks

Full Service HVAC Repair

For HVAC repair, Peoria, AZ is home to an ever growing number of systems. Our technicians work with every one of them, including duct free, centralized air, and split systems. We understand the internal workings of your HVAC system. Wear in one component may affect another. Symptoms may be due to different or compound problems. Age, weather, and other factors can all have a unique impact on your system. We’re prepared for anything, and many repairs can be performed immediately on-site. Just some of the repairs we regularly perform include:

  • Blown fuse changes
  • Refrigerant charges
  • Contactor replacements
  • Capacitor replacement
  • Drain line cleaning

  • Thermostat troubleshooting
  • Condenser cleaning
  • Evaporator coil repair
  • Filter replacement
  • Gas valve replacement

HVAC Repair Peoria AZ

  1. HVAC Diagnosis – Every call starts with a complete system diagnosis. For HVAC repair, Peoria, AZ weather can create a wide array of problems. We systematically determine what’s wrong using testing, investigative analysis, and first hand accounts of your symptoms. This saves customers from undue repairs. We deliver targeted HVAC repairs, but our inspection covers your entire system. We’ll identify problematic conditions and wear. Before beginning repairs we always consult with you and cover our findings.
  2. HVAC Repair Once you’ve chosen to move forward, we’ll start repairs. Our technicians have all the available tools they need to accomplish nearly any job. Years of local experience and training allow us to perform consistently high quality work. The high-grade replacement parts we use guarantee it will last. We always perform followup tests after any repair work, making sure everything is working to stated specifications.
  3. HVAC Maintenance – We offer a wide variety of services to help keep your system in peak condition. The best way to prepare for HVAC repair in Peoria, AZ is to make sure you don’t require it. We can repair problems as they arise, but our HVAC service plan is available to all of our Peoria, AZ HVAC repair customers. This delivers discounts, pre-season inspections, priority scheduling, and much more.

When you want HVAC repair Peoria, AZ residents depend on, call (623) 552-5496 or contact us for repair work from a dedicated team of professionals. Local experience makes all the difference, and we’ve got it in spades.

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