HVAC Service Plans

HVAC Service Plans Peoria AZ
When you need heating and cooling maintenance in Peoria, AZ you need Sunrise Mechanical. Heating and cooling systems are designed to last for years, but that can only happen if you regularly maintain your system. Many manufacturers have specific recommendations, but not a single one will advise you to go without heating and cooling maintenance. These services not only keep your unit running at peak efficiency, saving you money in the long run, it helps to keep your system from malfunctioning when you need it most.

Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups in Peoria, AZ

At Sunrise Mechanical we offer tune-up services so that your system can run at peak efficiency. These services include:

  • Visual inspection of the unit for any damage
  • Compressor amps
  • Outdoor fan amps
  • Indoor blower amps
  • Shaft play on blower motor
  • Shaft play on condensing fan motor
  • Check Low voltage wires for loose connections
  • Check High voltage wires for loose connections
  • Check disconnect loose wires
  • Freon level
  • Super heat
  • Temperature splits
  • Check thermostat operations
  • Clear condensation line
  • Check all seals
  • Check air filters

Heating and Cooling Maintenance FAMILY PLAN Service Agreement

The Family Plan Peoria, AZ
Getting top performance from your unit is assured with regular heating and cooling maintenance and repair from Sunrise Mechanical. With so many moving parts in the air conditioning and heating system, it is to your advantage to have a Service Agreement on your system. Your service plan keeps your unit running at peak performance and high efficiency, it helps maintain lower utility bills, helps reduce the failure rate of the unit during peak season – and it adds to the longevity of your HVAC system. Every year your system goes un-serviced, it results in a loss of up to 5% of its functionality, higher utility bills, increased system failure rates, and costly repairs. With the FAMILY PLAN Service, your AC/Heating system will be checked and maintained in tip-top condition – and, you will receive special savings on repairs as well as preferred scheduling.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance FAMILY PLAN Service Plan

Benefits of the Sunrise Mechanical FAMILY PLAN are:

  • 32 point AC/Heating maintenance service – 2 times per year service
  • Priority scheduling over non-plan customers
  • Replace customer supplied filter
  • Forgetfulness reminders, and much more
  • Discounted Diagnostic charges if you experience a failure – includes weekends/holidays
  • Special pricing on repairs
  • Special pricing on system replacements
  • Free ductwork inspection for cleanliness
  • Additional savings on each additional unit
  • BONUS: Pressurized nitrogen condensate line cleaning
  • BONUS: Chemical free OUTDOOR condensing coil clean

Having a service plan with Sunrise Mechanical offers so many incredible benefits. In addition to a host of savings and priority scheduling, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that regular inspections from your FAMILY PLAN are keeping your system performing the way it should. Heating and Cooling Maintenance can’t be overstated, and a service plan can keep your unit from reaching the point where it needs expensive repair. For the best heating and cooling maintenance in Peoria, AZ, there’s no better choice than Mechanical Sunrise. Contact Sunrise Mechanical today to find out more about our FAMILY PLAN.

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