Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix

Reliable A.C Repair

Air Conditioning Repair PhoenixWhen your A.C isn’t working it can quickly turn an otherwise average day into a sweltering emergency. Reliable air conditioning repair is essential. Receiving anything less than the best repairs can cause more than discomfort, it can leave you, your loved ones, and your pets in a dangerous situation. That’s why residents in Phoenix rely on Sunrise Mechanical Inc. for all their A.C and HVAC repairs. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc. we are here to deliver honest, affordable and quality solutions for your residential air conditioning and heating comfort. We support you in maintaining a safe and comfortable home through proper air conditioning repair, service and installation.

Sunrise Mechanical Inc. was started in 1996 and has been providing Phoenix residents with reliable and professional air conditioning repairs and maintenance since the beginning. We value every one of our customers. That’s why we only employ extremely skilled and experienced technicians. You can’t afford to have your air conditioning repairs performed by anyone but the best, and when you choose us for A.C repair you’ll never have to.

Experienced Contractors

It can be difficult to find an A.C repair team that’s both affordable and does quality work. But when you choose us as your local climate control experts, you can get both! Our friendly technicians answer all of your questions before we begin our work. Phoenix and the surrounding areas are home to many different climate control systems but our staff knows them all and how to repair, maintain and install each of them. Whether you’ve got a split system, hybrid split system, duct-free, centralized air or other system types, we provide the experienced diagnosis and repair you’re looking for. Repair requires our technicians to understand these multifaceted systems both inside and out. Since many A.C systems have indoor and outdoor components, there are a variety of weather-related issues that can occur as well. As air conditioning contractors, we have the equipment, understanding, and skilled technicians to work on projects of any size. Whether you are wanting to install a brand new system, repair a broken unit or need servicing for a big duplex system we do it all. With a fleet of vehicles prepared to handle the vast majority of work immediately and on-site, when you need it done now, you need Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

HVAC Technicians

Air Conditioning Repair PhoenixWhen it comes to an HVAC contractor Phoenix residents need a company that can perform any and all HVAC services. Not just A.C repair but also air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and insulation. Finding a local, reputable HVAC repair company doesn’t just lead to better work, it provides you with a single source for services now and in the future. That’s why residents call Sunrise Mechanical Inc. All of our services are guaranteed so you never have to worry about poor craftsmanship. We provide the trifecta: quality work, quality service, and quality parts.

You depend on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable. With summer heat frequently exceeding 100 degrees you need HVAC repair you can trust from a local company like Sunrise Mechanical Inc. We’re your full-service Phoenix HVAC repair solution. No matter what your system type, or what appears to be the problem, we provide a full and thorough diagnosis and timely repairs. It all starts with our experienced technicians. Ongoing training and a deep-rooted desire for excellence keeps us at the cutting edge of HVAC system repair.

Common HVAC and Air Conditioning System Problems

  • Incorrectly functioning thermostats
  • Poor airflow
  • System leaks
  • Inadequate cooling
  • HVAC cycles too frequently
  • Rooms cooling or heating unequally
  • HVAC system won’t turn on
  • HVAC system suddenly turned off
  • Strange noises or smells
  • Inconsistent performance

Full Service, Repairs And Maintenance

Our technicians do much more than air conditioning repair. Our goal is to provide as much as we can for all of the residents in the Phoenix area. We provide HVAC repairs, maintenance and installation. The team at Sunrise Mechanical Inc. also provides air duct cleaning, furnace repair, dryer vent cleaning and insulation. This allows all of our customers to have one reliable company they can call for all of their HVAC needs! With trained and experienced technicians you can guarantee your home or buildings HVAC system will be properly maintained. Call Sunrise Mechanical Inc. today for reliable air conditioning repair and more!

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We don’t just cover Phoenix, we service a majority of the Greater Phoenix Metro as well. Including Glendale AZ & Peoria AZ.


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