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Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Phoenix

Protect your home with Air Conditioning Cleaning Service

Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Phoenix

Air conditioning isn’t a luxury in Phoenix; it’s a necessity. Maricopa County faced over 130 heat-related deaths in 2017. These are often due to failing AC systems. According to the Washington Post, Residential air conditioners cut premature deaths due to heat by 80 percent. That illustrates how much of a literal lifesaver a properly functioning AC system can be. When Phoenix residents need leading home AC services, they call on the experts at Sunrise Mechanical Inc. We’ve been protecting local homes from the heat for over 30 years.

What influences the reliability of your air conditioner?

  1. Sizing determines the effectiveness of your AC system. Correct sizing is major. You don’t want a unit that’s under or oversized. Both harm your system in different ways. When a system is too small it does not shut-off. It cannot keep up with equalization between the outside and inside of your home. When a unit is too large it is overly effective. Instead of cooling and shutting off at recommended intervals, it cools so quickly that it shuts off, temperatures equalize, it turns on. Over and over at a much faster rate than normal.
  2. Maintenance practices keep you safe before summer heat. Phoenix summers are brutal. Regular residential AC maintenance is your best defense. Our HVAC service plans are designed with seasonal changes in mind. They include full inspections, conditioning of components, cleaning, identification of wear, and more. Lack of maintenance leads to critical failures, and that’s the last thing you want during a summer hot spell.
  3. The insulation in your home improves efficiency. You may not have considered it, but any step that reduces the strain on your HVAC system improves its reliability. A system that doesn’t have to work as hard lasts longer. Your home insulation can make a big difference. Newer insulation keeps your home cooler, longer, and takes a lot of the strain off your AC system by keeping hot air out and cool air in. Good insulation also provides electrical energy savings.

What do our technicians do for your AC system?

Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Phoenix AZ
Reliable AC starts with the installation. – We size every unit for your home. Whether you’ve just bought or are building, we work with you or your contractor. We only use leading brand name systems and present all your options. We’ll break down the price, pros, cons, and timeline before we ever start installing your AC system. You’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Get a new retrofit for your home. Retrofits are ideal for older homes without a system, or when you want a new system entirely. We typically recommend ductless mini-splits for retrofitting. They do not require ductwork and this makes the process more affordable. Ducts are a cheaper option for a new build, but not when the home is already in place.

Quality repairs and AC inspections. Our inspections cover your entire HVAC system. We’ll identify any issues you may be having, and use diagnostic equipment and a wealth of knowledge to find problems. Our techs don’t just stop with the issue at hand. Problems in an HVAC unit can trickle down. We inspect all potentially affected areas and can repair any AC make and model.

Maintain your investment with Air Conditioning Cleaning Service. HVAC plans are smart. They protect your investment and can save your life. Preventing the wear and tear that leads to a complete system breakdown is the smartest way to protect your home and family. We offer free reminders, so you’ll never forget a seasonal servicing.
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