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Air Conditioning Contractor Glendale AZ

Air Conditioning Contractor Glendale AZ

Air Conditioning Contractor Glendale AZ

Don’t let your air conditioning unit fail!

There’s no way around it. When it comes to local air conditioning Contractors in Glendale AZ residents need a company they can depend on. Whether you need installation, already have a unit, or require repair and maintenance services, the value of a trustworthy air conditioning company can’t be overstated. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc, we always put the customer first. That means an accurate diagnosis of your problems, properly sized and installed systems for your home, and high-quality work.

Get local AC installation from certified technicians. We install the right system for your home. Don’t settle for less.

Over or undersized systems fail sooner. We base our recommendations off of your structure size and cooling needs so you get the right AC system.

Finding the right Air Conditioning System

Which air conditioning unit is right for your home?

There are a number of factors that play a crucial role in how well your AC functions. Our technicians’ size unit for the home. If a smaller unit is needed, that’s what we recommend.

  • We diagnose your current air conditioner. Sometimes an air conditioning unit can seem like it is broken, but just needs repairs. Depending on where it is in its lifespan and what the problem is, repairing an existing unit is more cost-effective. If you are looking for an air conditioning installation because your old one isn’t functioning properly, call us first. We will always inspect it first to make sure you get the best service for your needs.
  • Our technicians size new AC units the right way. Bigger is not always better. Often times companies will install over-sized AC units, and that means that the unit has to start and stop more often. In addition to putting more strain on the unit, it also ends up costing you more in electrical costs. At Sunrise Mechanical we always perform heat-load calculations in order to ensure you get the right sized AC unit for your home.
  • Get an accurate estimate you can depend on. We’re so confident in the work we do, we stand behind our estimates. This includes estimations of the time it will take us to perform your Glendale, AZ air conditioning installation, as well as how much it will cost. We use the best brands so your system will last long after we’ve gone.

We install air conditioning you can rely on!

When it comes to air conditioning, you have a number of options depending on your needs. It’s important to choose the right unit. This can vary for home purposes. Replacing an existing unit also offers the opportunity for change. Our technicians can help you determine which system best meets your needs. Available options include:

Split system Duct-free Packaged
This is a common choice of air conditioning in the Glendale AZ area. In a split system, Components are installed both indoors and outdoors. These systems use evaporator coolers or fans to circulate refrigerated air. These require a ducted system. Ductless systems carry refrigerant throughout the home using a series of tubes. This cools air at the source. For near silent air conditioning, you won’t find a quieter system. These also require less energy and allow for individual room heating and cooling. For offices with space requirements and small homes, these all-in-one systems are space saving without sacrificing on cooling ability.

Choose your unit from industry-leading air conditioning manufacturers.

We use only the finest products from industry leaders like Trane and Goodman. Sunrise Mechanical is proud to carry Trane products, including Trane CleanEffects™, and our expertly-trained technicians can recommend the best Trane system for your home. Since the first day of operation, the folks at Goodman have been focused on building high-quality heating and cooling products that deliver outstanding comfort, money-saving efficiency ratings, and durable systems that are refreshingly affordable. Both are excellent in their own right, and our trained technicians will help you determine which system is right for you.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

The right AC services for you.

We are your full-service air conditioning system supplier. Residents choose us because we are with them at every step in the process. Finding a company you can depend on now will help you your entire life. Glendale, AZ isn’t getting any cooler, but with our help, you’ll never have to worry about it.
Air Conditioning Contractor Glendale Arizona

  • Air conditioning installation – We work with your budget and measure air flow needs. That way you get the perfect residential AC system.
  • AC repairs – Our repairs are done using OEM or OEM spec parts. These last longer and perform better than non-spec parts.
  • Air conditioner maintenance – Servicing is performed at seasonal intervals. This works best to prevent problems during summer and monsoon season.
  • AC retrofitting – Retrofits are done to specification. We recommend mini split systems for their versatility and small footprint.
  • HVAC system inspections – If you are experiencing performance loss, odd noise, or other problems call us now for an immediate and thorough inspection. Sometimes all you need is a new air filter.

When we come and look inspect your home, our technicians work with you to determine usage needs. We’ll also perform the required math to identify how much cooling power is necessary for your building. Air conditioning systems run most efficiently when it is properly sized. A system that is too large over-cycles and wears early. A system that is too small never shuts off.

Accurate work that saves you money.

When you choose us, we do whatever we can to save your money while performing top-quality work. Using our unique position in the industry, we’re able to cut costs in many areas and pass the savings directly to you.

  • We have great relations with the best manufacturers and receive excellent pricing on the most reliable models from Ruud and Trane.
  • Our technicians can replace your current system or install a new one. Sometimes a new installation can save money in the long run.
  • We always check existing systems for problems first. If repairs to your existing system are more cost-effective, we’ll let you know.

Need help with heating too?

If you’re planning for winter and having trouble with your heater, we’re also experienced in heating repair!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to maintain your existing unit. Our trained technicians can examine your AC system to ensure peak efficiency and catch problems early. Our HVAC contractors will give you competitive pricing on service plans that include yearly system inspections, priority scheduling, and repair service discounts and bonuses.

Choose us for all your heating and cooling needs!

For a trusted local air conditioning company, call us first. We truly value our clients and work hard to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and on-time service. That’s why our customers have trusted our air conditioning services for over 30 years. When you need full-solution heating or air conditioning services in Glendale, AZ call or Contact Us right away.

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