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Air Conditioning Contractor Scottsdale

Get help from an Air Conditioning Contractor in Scottsdale

Air Conditioning Contractor Scottsdale
Air conditioning in Scottsdale is a necessity. Whether you need installation, have a unit already installed, or require AC maintenance services, it’s crucial to have access to a local air conditioning company you can depend on. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc. you always come first. That means precise diagnosis of air conditioning trouble, properly sized and installed systems, and technicians that work with you to identify a system that meets your needs for output and efficiency.

We install air conditioning in Scottsdale

Finding the right Air Conditioning System

When it comes to air conditioning, Scottsdale residents have a variety of options. Finding the right unit to replace an aging system or for a newly constructed home determines your future comfort. Just some system types we can provide include:

  • Split system air conditioning – As a frequent option for air conditioning, Scottsdale houses often use these. These systems are multi-component, relying on a unit to bring air inside from the outdoors. The indoor portion uses evaporator coolers or fans to circulate cooled air through a system of ducts.
  • Duct-free air conditioning – These systems use refrigerant to cool air. Tubes carry this refrigerant throughout the house, and allow the system to cool individual rooms For quiet air conditioning, Scottsdale homeowners will be hard pressed to find a better system. These use less energy and run nearly silent. You also won’t need air duct cleaning services.
  • Packaged air conditioning – These all in one systems are great for a property with limited space, like smaller homes and offices.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Contractor Scottsdale AZ
When it’s time for new air conditioning, Scottsdale property owners should have the right system for their building. That means correct sizing. An AC unit that is too small will never turn off and a unit that is too large will cycle too often. Both instances lead to premature wear and decreased lifespan. Our technicians do the math to make sure you get a unit sized for your property that meets your needs for cooling and efficiency.

We have access to affordable pricing on makes and models with the highest reliability ratings. Our technicians can provide a new installation or air conditioning replacement. We always diagnose your existing system before beginning, so you don’t replace it when you don’t have too. It is this attention to detail that keeps residents coming back when they need air conditioning Scottsdale services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance on your current unit is a great investment. Our trained technicians will perform regularly scheduled inspections and cleanings to keep your system running in peak condition. This allows us to catch problems in their infancy. Early detection saves you money, and our HVAC service plans include air conditioning repair discounts, priority scheduling, twice yearly inspections, and added bonuses. Another way to improve your AC system is to re-insulate your home.

For a dependable full-service air conditioning company, Scottsdale citizens rely on us. We value our customers, and always strive to provide the highest quality workmanship and timely service. When you need comprehensive services for air conditioning in Scottdale, call or Contact Us today.

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