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Air Duct Cleaning Service Phoenix

Air Duct Cleaning Service Phoenix

Get Air Duct Cleaning Service in Phoenix Now

Air Duct Cleaning Service Phoenix AZ
When you’re in need of reliable duct cleaning in Phoenix, you don’t want to wait. Every day you wait can cause you and your HVAC system greater harm. When Sunrise Mechanical Inc makes duct cleaning so simple there’s really no reason to wait. Scheduling an appointment from one of our thorough duct cleaners is as easy as picking up the phone, and there are some major benefits to a professional duct cleaning.

Since they are largely out of the way, many HVAC owners don’t realize that dirty ducts may be posing a problem until it visibly effects their system or their family. Cleaning ducts is a great preventative measure and can improve your system’s longevity, functionality, and prevent future problems. We’ll look for other common duct problems while we clean as well! Since ducts connect outside of your house, they should all be considered entry points for outside contaminants, and the EPA advises professional duct cleaning if:

When to get Duct Cleaning

  • There is a substantial, visible amount of mildew growing within the ducts or HVAC components – Our technicians will always show you if they find any mildew, though 100% positive identification can often only be achieved with outside testing. If there are any wet or mildewed areas of insulation within your duct system the EPA recommends they be removed and replaced. We can do this for you. We’ll also help you to identify and remedy conditions that lead to mildew growth to prevent it from re-occurring.
  • Insects, rodents, or other pests have taken up residence in your ducts – Pests don’t just use your ducts as an entry point. They frequently traverse your home through these hidden highways, and may also nest in them as well. Particles of droppings and other wastes may be blown throughout your house. This can negatively affect allergy sufferers, or cause allergies in those without previous symptoms. Duct cleaning in Phoenix can catch and address this, keeping you and your house safe.
  • Ducts have become clogged with particles, debris, and/or dust that can enter your house – Buildup of dust and debris can spread these contaminants throughout your home. In addition to lowering air quality throughout your house, debris and dust can pose a health hazard and reduce filtration effectiveness. Some studies have shown a reduction in system efficiency as well, costing your health and raising your energy bill.

Complete Duct Cleaning in Phoenix

As a local air conditioning contractor, we perform every duct cleaning in Phoenix with the highest degree of precision and care. We remove all grills and registers, cleaning with sanitizing agents that are environmentally friendly and safe. All cleaning is performed using the Rotobrush. This professional, highest quality system is safe for all ductwork and recognized by the Banner Medical Centers of Phoenix and Asthma Foundation. After cleaning we install registers and grills. Every duct cleaning is finished with an antimicrobial fog to destroy microbes and inhibit future growth.  This ensures you’ll have the cleanest ducts possible. We can even replace your air filter while we’re at it!

The easy way to keep your ducts clean!

Nothing keeps your air clean like the Active Air Pure Air Scrubber. We can install the total air purification system in your home that’s made in the USA and tested by NASA . It captures and eliminates contaminants that can cause odor, allergies, and illness. Catch your breath with pure, clean air today!

When you want reliable, thorough, and effective duct cleaning in Phoenix call or Contact Us today.

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