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Quality Air Purification in Peoria

Duct cleaning is one of the best ways to improve your air quality, but what about once the cleaning is over? We regularly schedule cleanings to maintain standards, but what if you could have improved air quality all the time? With air purification, Peoria AZ homeowners don’t have to worry about inhaling dangerous contaminants anymore. Filtration varies by system, that’s why homeowners that want trusted, USA made, NASA tested air purification contact Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

Do you know what’s in the air you breath?

Many business and homes contain contaminated air. This can be due to a number of causes, but the results are the same. Illness, allergies, and odors. Sick building syndrome has connections to recirculated air common in unfiltered systems. In office environments, this can be especially problematic when there is active and regular printer use. Common contaminants include:
Air Purification Peoria AZ

  • Organic Contaminants – Allergy sufferers know the problems these can cause better than anyone. Pollens set off allergic reactions, and molds and mildews don’t need you to suffer from allergies to cause harm. Black mold can even be deadly if inhaled in large amounts for long enough.
  • Viral & Bacterial Contaminants – An unfiltered air system can circulate these throughout your house. This┬ácan lead to re-infection or infection of multiple people. This doesn’t just include the common cold. E-coli, strep, staph, and other dangers can pose a threat that doesn’t quickly go away.
  • Dust and Odor – Dust and odor-causing agents won’t stay in your vents for long. If your AC system is accompanied by strange smells, air purification can help. Dust may not always be what it seems either. The exoskeletons of dead cockroaches disintegrate with time. When inhaled this can cause allergies in young children who’ve never even had them!

If you or a loved one suffers from any of the following, air purification may help.

  • Regular sneezing and runny noses.
  • Watering, itchy eyes.
  • Seem to get sick more often than others.
  • Suffer from asthma or allergies.

  • Allergies brought on by seasonal changes.
  • Allergies to pets and dander.
  • Sensitivity to odors.
  • Sensitivity to dust or dust mites.

Protect Your Home with Air Purification

Air Purification Peoria Arizona
We’re proud to offer the Active Pure AIR SCRUBBER air purification system. This incredible system doesn’t just capture contaminants, it destroys them. With active air purification, Peoria AZ can enjoy safe, clean air. That’s because our system provides some incredible benefits that improve health and happiness. With the Active Pure AIR SCRUBBER you won’t have to worry about contaminants any longer. We are your local air conditioning contractors. All units are installed by our trained and capable technicians.

Our system provides superior dust control and has been proven to destroy:

  • Allergy and illness-causing agents like mildew, mold, and pollens.
  • Dangerous viruses and bacteria like E-coli, Avian Bird Flu H5N8, Staph, Strep, MRSA, and more.
  • Odor-causing contaminants that enter your duct system.

With all of these potential contaminants circulating through your system don’t take a risk on your family’s well being!

Take back your health with professionally installed air purification!

We offer different packages depending on your home, system, and needs. Our technicians have decades of experience working on local systems and provide skilled air purifier installation. We’ll analyze your system for compatibility before installation, and answer any questions you may have. Just some of the options that may be included with your new air purification system installation include:Air Purification Companies Peoria AZ
Air Duct Cleaning: We’ll clean your entire air duct system with our professional grade airbrush system and anti-microbial fog. At the same time we’re there, why not schedule a dryer vent cleaning and eliminate one of the biggest home fire hazards.
A/C System Cleaning and Servicing: Our technicians will service and clean your existing system to make sure it’s in peak condition and running at full efficiency.
AIR SCRUBBER Installation: With professional installation from our veteran technicians, you’ll get reliable, tested, and backed air purification installation.

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There’s never been a better time for air purification Peoria, AZ homeowners can truly benefit from. Take advantage of our great financing, and invest in your health. Call (623) 552-5496 or Contact Us for air purification today.

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