Attic Insulation Peoria AZ

Attic Insulation Peoria AZ

Insulating Your Attic

When you need attic insulation in Peoria, AZ there’s no better choice than Sunrise Mechanical Inc. Insulation is incredibly important for heating and cooling. It acts as a barrier and doesn’t just insulate from the cold, it insulates from heat as well. That means you’ll get more efficient cooling that uses less energy year round. When you need to insulate your attic, attic insulation offers an economical and fast solution with a number of excellent benefits.
These include:

Blown-In Insulating Benefits

  • Constant R-value Every insulation has an R-value. This value determines how well an insulation type like attic insulation in Peoria, AZ performs. You want a product that has a constant R-value in order to provide you with a constant indoor temperature. Our blown-in fiberglass insulation retains its R-value over the course of its lifetime, ensuring you get a constant temperature.
  • No Gaps – One of the dangers of certain insulation types is gaping. This can occur with denim insulation and some other varieties. When you use our attic insulation in Peoria, AZ you won’t get any gaps in your walls. Fiberglass insulation also gets great airflow as well.
  • Elemental Resistance – You also want to know that whatever insulation you use can stand up to the elements. We do not use additional fire-retardant treatments because our attic insulation made of fiberglass is naturally fire retardant. It also doesn’t mildew, rot, or deteriorate. When you want longevity and reliability in your insulation, we have you covered.
  • Speed – Blown-in insulation typically takes only 2 hours or less to install. This is because of the nature of the application, so when you want speedy installation it’s a great choice. We’ll also inspect the finished work to make sure you received level and thorough coverage.
  • Green – We also offer cellulose insulation. When looking for green attic insulation, Peoria, AZ citizens know that nothing beats it. Made from up to 85% recycled material, this option is rodent, mold, and insect resistant as well as offering excellent sound insulating properties.

Attic Insulation Peoria Arizona

We also offer radiant barrier home insulation in Peoria. This involves using multiple layers of aluminum sheeting. A radiant barrier remains breathable while deflecting a large percentage of heat from the sun. This insulation can reflect up to 97 percent of incoming radiant energy, keeping you cool when the weather is at its hottest.

Attic Insulation Company Peoria AZ

Attic Insulation Installation

We’re partnering with USI Mesa Insulation to provide you with the highest quality attic insulation installation. You’ll get the professional experience and knowledge required to fully insulate your attic with efficiency and excellent materials. Using the highest quality insulation ensures longevity and effectiveness. With a variety of factors that need consideration, we’ll help you decide on the right attic insulation in Peoria, AZ. With a free estimation, you’ll know just how much your insulation type will cost to install.

For reliable and energy efficient attic insulation in Peoria, AZ, call or contact Sunrise Mechanical Inc today.