3 Cool Innovations in the World of Air Conditioning

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Going with the Flow of Air Conditioning Advancements

By now, most homeowners are aware of advancements in energy efficiency, ductless systems, and solar electricity to power heating and cooling systems. But, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of air conditioning technology.

And with increasing pressure to limit emissions, decrease our reliance on non-renewable energy sources, and reduce pollution, engineers are working hard to innovate and move us in a new direction.

But not all recent innovations have been motivated by environmental concerns. There’s also increasing demand for functionality and design upgrades. So, here’s a look at some exciting changes going on in the world of air conditioning.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

It’s not news that Nest smart thermostats are keeping millions of homes around the world cool in more ways than one, but the company’s ongoing innovations are worth tracking.

With its more precise temperature-monitoring technology, smart thermostats, according to Nest’s website, have saved “billions of kilowatt hours.”

Their third generation Nest “learning thermostat” can create a personalized schedule of temperature control based on your initial adjustments.

A little reminder

It saves energy by turning itself up or down according to the time of day and your weekly routine. In essence, it removes the human error element of forgetting to change the thermostat when the building is empty.

Lots of energy is wasted when occupants cool or heat a home that isn’t being used. Nest helps you remember, or allows you to change its settings remotely from your smartphone. It also comes with an app that allows you to see how much energy you use daily, and make adjustments if needed.

The catchy slogan on Nest’s site sums-up the third generation thermostat in five words: “Programs itself. Then pays for itself.”

Air Conditioning Innovations

360 Degree Cassette Units

Samsung Electronics developed a series of air conditioning systems for the European market in 2016.

Their goal was to transform air conditioning by increasing energy savings, enhancing performance, maximizing space, and reducing the time it takes to cool a space.

These are all noble ambitions. But how to bring them all together in one marketable product?

Hitting the bullseye

Samsung’s 360 Circular Cassette Design seems to have hit the market-demand bullseye.

The unit increases cooling speed by 34 percent, offers horizontal, vertical, and separate zone airflow options, and can be fitted with a wheel-dial remote and bacteria filters. The best part is that it doesn’t take up any space inside the building.

So, how does the 360 Cassette accomplish all of this at once?

The AC unit is installed behind a wall or in the ceiling with only a speaker-like vent visible. But its biggest accolade is the way it eliminates wasted air volume. The circular air “wave” evenly distributes cold air to all 360 degrees of space around the vent.

Traditional four-way, or square, units are said to lose up to 25 percent of air volume, making this innovative design far superior in providing optimal indoor comfort.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Sending Heat to Space

This one is a little out there….literally. So, strap in.

Standford University engineers have been testing rooftop optical surfaces in hopes to develop the most energy efficient air conditioning and refrigeration technologies on the market.

Now, a company founded by one of the engineers, SkyCool, has developed high-tech panels that bring the temp of flowing water to a range lower than the air that surrounds it.

The coolest part is that this process requires zero electricity. Referred to as radiative sky cooling, this technology connects with existing air conditioning units to kill two birds with one stone – reducing cooling costs and emissions.

SkyCool Systems‘ panels are still being tested for commercialization, but be on the lookout for this exciting new technology that could revolutionize air conditioning as we know it.

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