5 Reasons to Clean Your Air Ducts

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Here’s Why an Air Duct Cleaning Service Will Save You Energy, Money, and Health

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Even the most thorough house cleaner might not think about the state of the air ducts. Since you can’t see them getting dirty, you may assume that they require less maintenance. Hiring an air duct cleaning service in Phoenix to clean your ducts will greatly improve the air quality of your home. A good air duct cleaning will reach all parts of the heating and cooling system of forced air. This includes the air handling unit housing, fan motor, heat exchanger, heating and cooling coils. If not well maintained, the air duct components become contaminated with dust, pollen, and other debris.

If water gets into the air duct, mold may develop and spores can be released into your living space. This could be harmful to you. Here are some reasons why you should have your air ducts serviced and inspected.

1. Energy Costs Will Be Reduced

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will run better if it is regularly cleaned. As dust, debris or mold that builds up over time, the unit has to use more energy to push air through the duct system. Cleaning the air ducts will reduce the effort used by the HVAC by up to 40%. This reduction of power will reflect on your energy bill at the end of the month.

2. Your HVAC Will Run Efficiently

When your system is clean it will function as it is meant to. There will be less wear and tear, meaning that you will spend less on the unit’s repairs over time. Possibilities of a sudden outage will also be greatly reduced. Servicing it will make airflow easy and the system will perform at peak. The US Department of Energy says contaminants make a system work harder and shorten its lifespan.

3. You Will Have Better Indoor Air Quality

Most homeowners who look into air duct cleaning services are concerned about their air quality. The HVAC takes in the air from your environment and circulates it. We generate a lot of contaminants and air pollutants like dust and chemicals which are taken in during this process by the system and recirculated five to seven times on an average day. With time, this intake of contaminants causes a buildup that needs to be cleaned. Once it’s gone, fresh incoming air will not be polluted by impurities and the system will circulate fresh air to your home. It is not uncommon for people to say they feel less congested and their homes less stuffy after air ducts are cleaned. The air will smell clean and fresh because dust and pollen which create odors have been removed.

4. Allergies and Asthma Symptoms Will Reduce

Having your ducts cleaned will help protect your family from dust and other harmful contaminants that may cause allergies. Air ducts can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and allergens which are spread through the circulation of air in your home. Apart from causing allergies, the bacteria spread can trigger asthma attacks, particularly for children.
You, therefore, need to keep the air ducts clean to stop you and your family from breathing in contaminants that can aggravate their lungs. Research suggests that if a child doesn’t come into contact with asthma triggers from the time they are born to age four, they are likely to never develop asthma.

5. Get Rid of Pests

It is not unusual to find rodents, bugs and birds living in your air ducts. Fur from rodents will, for example, get trapped in the air duct. The fur builds up living germs which are circulated with the air. This can cause allergies as stated before. The fur also blocks the system, making proper circulation of indoor air difficult. An air duct cleaning will ensure you do away with pests that breed germs and block your air ducts.

Now that you know the benefits of cleaning your air ducts, if you haven’t done it before, get on the phone now and get an air duct cleaning service provider to clean yours immediately. To find one, check the Yellow Pages or search the internet for a service provider around your area. Once you find one, check their reviews before you contact them.
Ensure previous customers were satisfied with how they did and that no problems were experienced with the heating and cooling service after they finished the job. Go further and check your local customer affairs office to see if any complaints have been lodged against them. If not, you can contact them to ask if they have the relevant licenses that air duct cleaners should hold.

A professional cleaner will inspect your air duct before starting the cleaning. They will have their own equipment like a specialized vacuum which they will use for the cleaning. They will clean around household furnishings and the carpet if necessary. If they are charging by the hour, request for an estimate of the hours or days cleaning will take and whether there will be a break in the work. Once you agree on terms, ask for a written agreement outlining the cost and scope of work. When the terms are settled, look forward to the improvement in air quality that is headed your way.

How Frequently Should You Do Air Duct Cleaning?

The HVAC is an important unit for your home functionality and health. For it to perform well you should call and consult an air dust service provider at least once a year. Depending on your living conditions you might have to service it more or less. If you have kids, for example, you might want to do it often to ensure they are not in contact with asthma causing contaminants. Also consider your homes age, air quality, climate, and the HVAC system you have. Be sure to inform your air duct cleaning service provider all this and they will advise you on how often you should do it.



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