BILL’S CORNER: How does a contractor offer free air conditioning diagnostics?

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Q: A question we have been asked is: SM BILLS CORNER
How does a contractor offer free air conditioning diagnostics?

A: Most contractors cannot afford to offer free diagnostics without up-charging in other areas of their services to you, the consumer. Just think about it, when a company sends out a fully equipped truck with trained/certified technicians, pay labor, gasoline, and appropriate city licenses for the trip to your home – it costs time and money in all areas to properly run a business and they have to make up those fees somewhere.

At Sunrise Mechanical, we prefer the straightforward method of pricing only for the services you need – and not get into games or gimmicks. Free services are usually gimmicks, so beware of up-charges someplace else for example the repair could cost 2-3 times more.

In the 30 years I have been in the Air Conditioning/Heating industry I have noticed the “FREE” diagnostic offers have become more prominent in the industry. These are usually empty or loss leader offers, which is a strategy for sending a commissioned paid technician to your home to up-sell you on repairs and services that absorb the costs.  Free is not always a positive situation.

At Sunrise Mechanical we believe in serving you with the direct approach and not offering loss leaders like free services as a way of adding additional fees to the back end of your invoice. We operate with expert and trusted technicians who are in your home to take care of your AC services, and to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. I am serious about our service guarantee, and as the owner of Sunrise Mechanical, I’m dedicated to serving you and your family.

– Bill.

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