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Common Questions About Your AC System

Posted on by Sunrise Mechanical Inc

Common Questions About Your Air Conditioner With average highs above 100 degrees from May through September, the people of Phoenix are at no shortage of questions when it comes to air conditioning repair. Let’s take a look at some of the best answers to the most common questions your asking. How Often Should I Change […]

Clever Ways To Keep Your Phoenix Home Cool

Posted on by Sunrise Mechanical Inc

Start From the Outside and Work In Despite pummeling your house with oppressive heat most of the year, nature is actually your friend when it comes to keeping temperatures cool indoors. Though Arizona isn’t known for its lush vegetation, there are a number of bushes and trees that thrive in this climate. So, doing a […]

Insulation Tips for Phoenix Attics

Posted on by Sunrise Mechanical Inc

Things to Know Before Insulating Your Attic Insulation is simply a temperature barrier, keeping warm and cool air where it’s supposed to be. And the two most important places to have your insulation working correctly is in the walls and the attic. Old insulation, especially the kind used in home construction before the 1970’s is […]

BILL’S CORNER: How does a contractor offer free air conditioning diagnostics?

Posted on by Sunrise Mechanical Inc

Q: A question we have been asked is: How does a contractor offer free air conditioning diagnostics? A: Most contractors cannot afford to offer free diagnostics without up-charging in other areas of their services to you, the consumer. Just think about it, when a company sends out a fully equipped truck with trained/certified technicians, pay […]


Posted on by Sunrise Mechanical Inc

PREPARING BEFORE AND FOLLOWING UP AFTER SUMMER STORMS We love Arizona and part of living here we experience two seasons, STUNNING in fall/winter and HOT in spring/summer. Since we are in the middle of summer and monsoon season we want to address some of the key areas for preparing before a storm and tidying up […]


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