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Many cities are known for their rich culture and heritage. The buildings and architecture depict the history of the area. Art is a huge part of what makes up the culture of a city and Phoenix AZ is home to wonderful art galleries that are an amalgamation of local and international artists. They give you a glimpse into the culture of the city and its rich history. The downtown quarter of Phoenix has completely changed the art scene. From traditional to modern, you can explore famous contemporary galleries that feature art from across the city. Going to an art gallery is a must if you are visiting Phoenix.

Phoenix Art Museum

This museum celebrated its 50th anniversary in the year 2009. It is one of the most famous galleries in Arizona. American architect Alden Dow designed the building which has successfully hosted more than 400 art exhibitions and is home to more than 17000 works of contemporary and modern art. In 2013, the Phoenix Art Museum presented one of its most popular exhibitions of world-renowned painter Kehinde Wiley. The museum also displays metal and glass artwork for modern art lovers. If you visit Phoenix AZ, don’t forget to visit this wonderful museum of art.

Modified Art

Kimber Lanning started this gallery in the year 1999. Her idea was to create a common place many different types of artists. The gallery features the works of contemporary artists from all over the world. Over the years, the different concepts in artwork have made this gallery’s popularity grow. Many activities and performances are held in the gallery. Exhibits like that of painter Jonathan Howard’s Temporal, which was based on the series of urban streetscapes and war text, draw audiences from all over. If you want to know about your favorite artist in Phoenix AZ, you will likely find it at Modified Art.

Eye Lounge

Eye lounge is Phoenix’s number one contemporary art gallery and was a founding member of the Roosevelt Row art district. It was established in the year 2001 and exhibits work by artists from all over the world. The gallery is known to give space to new talents in the contemporary art scene as it believes in nurturing budding talent. Eye lounge currently has a display of wonderful local talents, collaborating with artists like Anne Morton who works with natural materials. The artist has explored issues like homogenization and that has attracted many people to this gallery. The gallery also displayed artwork by artist Lee Davis, known for his work in comical abstraction. The collective approach of artists makes this a must visit gallery.

R Pela Contemporary Art

This is another wonderful gallery for modern art in Phoenix AZ. Established in 2013, it’s main attraction artwork by new and old artists. You can find renowned works by celebrated artists around the world as well as pieces by emerging artists. Curator Robert Pela featured artwork by Jake Fischer, known for his delightful oil paintings when the gallery first opened. He is famous for the concept of dark and light. The gallery has also displayed artwork by Hank Fries, best known for his metal sculptures. R Pela contemporary art gallery also displays artwork by various local artists. It is one the most recent additions to the art scene in Phoenix, but it has grown in popularity quickly for its different styles of artwork.

Art Galleries in Phoenix AZ

There are many other galleries to visit while you are in Phoenix, including 515 Arts and Art One. If art is your passion, then don’t miss out on all of these artistic treasures.



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