Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned

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Reasons You Probably Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned

You might be wondering, what is air duct cleaning and why is it necessary? Maybe you think that getting your air ducts cleaned isn’t important, you’ve never had them done before so why should you do it now? There are numerous reasons you should have your air ducts cleaned. If you just had a renovation or did some sort of construction work on your home you should definitely have your air ducts cleaned. Because all of that drywall and sawdust didn’t just accumulate on your floor where you can easily sweep it up. Those fine particles made their way into your vents and are residing in there until the fan turns on and blows them all around your house for you and your family to breath in.

If you or someone else in your family has recently developed allergies, asthma or other related issues it could be from your air ducts. Your vents don’t just hold dust and debris but can also be home to bacteria and mold which can cause respiratory issues in many people. If you are noticing a lot more sneezing and coughing going on around your home you might want to have someone take a look at your air ducts. The most obvious reason to have them cleaned is if you have ever actually look inside your air ducts with a flashlight you might be disgusted with what you see. Whatever you see inside your air ducts is what you’re breathing in on a daily basis. If you can visibly see dust and build up just from looking at your air vents, you should very seriously think about having them professionally cleaned.

What Is The Process For Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Once you’ve decided that your air ducts could use a little wash, your work is pretty much done. The experts will take over from this point and at the end, you will have clean air ducts and a fresh air supply throughout your home. The process of cleaning your air ducts may sound simple and something that you could do yourself. Just get out the vacuum and use the hose attachment to get all the dust out of your vent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. There are many steps that go into thoroughly cleaning your air ducts.

When your technicians first arrive they will set up drop cloths to protect your floors from dust and debris. Removing the grills and registers to gain access to your duct system is the first step. The grill and registers are the slotted covers over your vents. Then they will seal off the opening so they can attach a large vacuum that will create negative air. This means the airflow will be going backward, sucking air in instead of blowing it out. The purpose of this is so that when the technicians use a specialized spinning brush to break loose any debris and get all the dust, the negative air machine will continuously suck the air into the machine capturing every little thing that was cleaned out of the air ducts.

After all the air ducts have been cleaned the technicians will then spray fog into the vents to protect from harmful contaminants. It is an antimicrobial spray that will coat your air ducts and prevent bacteria from growing inside. Once this process is done your technicians will also remove your air blower from your HVAC system and thoroughly clean it. The cleaning agent and antimicrobial spray are both environmentally safe so you won’t have to worry about your pets or children. You will even get your air filter replaced with a new one. After all parts and pieces of your ventilation system have been cleaned and sprayed everything will be put back together and the process is complete.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Dirty Air VentsThere are quite a few benefits from getting your air ducts cleaned. Having a clean air supply is probably the biggest benefit for you and your family. But when your ventilation system is cleaned it can also save you money. When dust and debris get into your HVAC system it can clog up filters and make the unit work harder which will increase your electricity bill. And when there gets to be too much build up in your system you can start to have things break down and malfunction. These repairs can be much more costly than an air duct cleaning service. Which is why we recommend having your air ducts professionally cleaned every 2-3 years. Peace of mind is included with our services. Using a trustworthy company to clean your air ducts means you can relax knowing that your ventilation system is clean and your HVAC unit is being well maintained. If you aren’t sure whether you need your air ducts cleaned or not you can always call and schedule an appointment with a technician where they can take a look at your entire system and let you know if there is anything that needs to be done.

Who Phoenix Residents Go-To For Air Duct Cleaning

Phoenix is a hot, dusty state that requires the attention of HVAC professionals in most residents homes. Sunrise Mechanical Inc. specializes in air conditioning, HVAC services, and air duct cleaning. Our goal is to provide reliable and dependable service to all of our Phoenix residents. Since air ducts are out of sight most of the time, many homeowners don’t realize that dirty ventilation maybe posing a problem. But when it starts to affect your family it becomes a serious problem. Cleaning ducts is a great preventative measure and can improve your system’s longevity, functionality, and prevent future issues. We will look for other commonly occurring air duct problems while we clean as well! Since your ventilation system connects to the outside of your house, it should be considered an entry point for outside contaminants. That is why having your air ducts cleaned every 2-3 years is important in maintaining the health of everyone that lives in the house as well as maintaining the condition of your HVAC system. Give us a call today and have reliably cleaned air ducts!



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