Your Checklist for Pre-Winter Heater Maintenance

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How do I make sure that my heater is ready for the winter?

If you haven’t spent much time in Phoenix, you might wonder why anyone needs home heating down here. Did you know that in the coldest period of the year the overnight temperature can drop to below freezing? And when you spend the rest of the year in Arizona, a low of 40 degrees might not be all that comfortable.

Thanks to the miracle of modern heating, you can keep your home as cool and as toasty as you want it all year long. While you can get hold of heating contractors in Phoenix to fix any breakages, it’s better to detect any problems in your heating system before the cold snap hits.

Heater issues that you can find on your own

The best time to discover a problem is before you need to use it. Go to the thermostat and activate the heater. If you hear it kick on, congrats, your pilot light seems to be working. There’s another problem, called short cycling, where the flame goes out after a few seconds. Make sure to keep the heater on long enough to rule out short cycling. Also note whether the pilot light is a consistent flame like a blow torch, rather than flickering like a campfire.

The next step is to check your filters. They’re cardboard frames filled with fine material that catches particles in the air. Each filter is usually rated to last for up to three months, but when you’re using them it’s a good idea to check monthly. If yours is dirty, just toss it out and slide a new one in. A new filter can make your furnace much, much more energy efficient.

Now it’s time to move on to the ducts. Check over the exterior of the as much of the work as is visible in your basement. If you see large areas corroded through, it’s time to replace that section. This stops hot air from escaping too soon, which in turn means that you use less energy to reach your desired temperature. The last usual step is to check the registers to make sure that they’re not clogged. You get better performance from your heater if air flows freely into your room.

Fixes for some of your home heating issues

Not every issue requires a call to a technician. There are a few things that you can fix on your own. Just remember that after making this type of repair you should still keep an eye onthings regularly. If the issue returns or gets worse, then it’s time to bring in a professional. Some simple fixes include:

  • Minor holes in the ductwork: If the hoes in your ducts aren’t very big you can patch them up with, you guessed it, duct tape. Believe it or not, that’s what the universal fix-it solution was originally designed to do. Putting the tape down in an “X” pattern reinforces it against tearing and billowing.
  • Register cleaning: You can clean out the grills in your floor or floor from which hot air enters the room. Most of these units lift right out of the floor and you can use a brush or a cotton swab to clear gunk out of the grille. This reduces fire hazards and makes your heater more efficient.
  • Clean out the exhaust vents: Some heater models vent outside of your home. Make sure to check the exhaust vent regularly, and clear any blockages that you find.

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When to call in a professional heating contractor

Not every problem is a simple fix for DIY homeowners. The upside is that professional heating contractors can take care of almost any issue that you face. First and foremost, if you ever smell the rotten egg scent associated with natural gas, evacuate your home immediately, then call it in. Do not ever try to fix a gas leak on your own.

Any time you need mechanical things replaced, it’s best to have a technician do it for you. Pros are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to get the job done right. If there’s a mechanical or electrical fault in your heating unit, having a qualified professional on hand makes the job safer. The stakes of damage to your home caused by the possibility of an improper do-it-yourself repair are too high to leave anything to chance.

Sunrise Mechanical is your heating contractor in Phoenix

When you need something done right, call Sunrise Mechanical. We’re a family owned company whose members have a combined total of over a century of experience in the industry. We can take care of your annual heater maintenance before you even find an issue. If something big comes up, we’ve seen it all and can get it fixed for you quickly.

Our expertise goes far beyond heating. We’re also highly experienced in HVAC. Trust Sunrise Mechanical to keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summer. It doesn’t matter how large or small your issue is, we’ll get it done. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form on this site to get in contact.

We set up a consultation with you to discover your issue, then give you a free price estimate. Our terms and the explanation of the jobs are all in plain English. You can make every decision with confidence that you have all the facts.

Once you try us out, you’ll see why local homeowners voted us number one in customer service. The time you save on getting your heating system cleaning and maintenance done by us is incredibly valuable. We stand behind our work so you can rest assured that you and your family are going to stay safe and comfortable throughout the winter.



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