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SUMMER1Summer time in Phoenix means EXCESSIVE HEAT, and this is when most of us take vacation to cooler climates, even if it’s for just a short time. Before you take off for a cooler place it’s important to prepare your home for the time you are gone. Hope these tips help when it comes time for preparing your home for vacation. These tips can help conserve utilities, keep your home safe and help prevent leaks and accidents around your home.

AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM: Upon leaving for vacation: set the thermostat up to 84 degrees.

  • Upon arriving home from vacation: turn the thermostat down, and remember the house and everything in it is warm, including: floors, walls, furniture, etc., and it takes time to cool down.
  • The cool down generally takes your ac system an hour to cool for every degree you have turned it down. Example – turn the system up to 84 degrees when you leave for vacation and back to 78 when you return home. The system will run continually for 6 hours to attain the desired temperature.

ELECTRICITY: Place lights on a timer

  • Unplug appliances and electronics like: televisions, computers and clocks
  • Place lights, pool filter and other critical appliances on timers.

PLUMBING: Check that faucets and pipes are not leaking or dripping before you leave.

  • Close the cold water inlet valve

WATER HEATER: Set your water heater to the lowest setting or turn off the electric water heater at the circuit breaker.

PREVENT HEAT GAIN into your home by closing window and door shades/curtains from the heat of the sun. This is also a safety precaution so others cannot see that you are not home.

DELIVERIES: Put mail and newspaper deliveries on hold or have someone pick it up for you every day so it looks like you are home.

Stay safe and have a wonderful summer!

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