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SafetyThink Safety…

During the Christmas and New Year’s season, many people have multiple holiday parties and celebrations to attend. There’s a lot of shopping, preparation for celebrations, and the roads are busier than ever during this time. Here’s a reminder of some key safety tips for this happy holiday season:

Car Safety – be sure your car is properly maintained because you will be doing a lot of driving. Be especially careful of pedestrians (who may be distracted), other drivers (who may have had a drink or two), the rules of the road and plan for delays due to extra traffic.

Party Safety – plan for a designated driver. When you know you need to drive, be sure you have someone who will drive who has not been celebrating with an alcoholic beverage. If you are hosting a party, it’s a good idea to have a cut-off time for alcoholic beverages for those who will be driving.

Driving Safety – it doesn’t take much to alter your judgment when drinking alcoholic beverages. With only a .02 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) the average person begins to experience some loss of judgment, relaxation and altered mood. The legal limit in the U.S. is a .08 BAC.

Fire Safety – Keep gift wrapping, evergreens and tissue paper away from the fireplace. Make sure power circuits for Christmas lights are not overloaded. And keep water in a tree base container for a live Christmas tree so it doesn’t dry out and become a fire hazard.

General Safety – Keep power cords away from heavy traffic areas. Be aware of child-safe toys with no sharp edges or small pieces that can be swallowed. Keep alcohol and cigarettes away from small children. It’s easy to lose track of these items and a child can get a hold of these things easily. These are very simple steps to keep you, your family and your friends safe and happy during a very happy time. Enjoy your holidays! 

Be Safe Out There!

From The Family, at Sunrise Mechanical!



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