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Sunrise Mechanical - The Family Plan
We think it’s best to practice preventive maintenance now, in the fall and also in the spring (twice a year) when it’s not 100+ degrees and before your HVAC system fails on either the hottest or coldest day of the year. We also think preventive maintenance, as a whole, is the best way to get the most out of your HVAC system, which is one of your most expensive investments after your home and car. It is much like your regular oil changes for your car or an annual physical with your doctor. You want to be sure all is running perfectly and as it should be. Preventive maintenance also prevents costly repairs or even worse, costly replacements for your HVAC system. The benefits of preventive maintenance are:

  • Keeping your system running at peak performance and high efficiency
  • Saving money on utility bills
  • Increasing the life of your HVAC system

We created the Sunrise Family Plan for all these reasons. Helping you stay comfortable in your home and get the most out of your investment in your HVAC system is our goal. Included in the plan is a 32 point AC/Heating maintenance service two times per year. Learn more about the Sunrise Family Plan on our website.

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