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woman cooling herselfWAYS TO COOL DOWN INDOORS

In the Phoenix area, we experience heat like most other parts of the country can’t even imagine. And because we care about your comfort, energy conservation and of course helping you keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and at peak performance throughout the year. We also want to share some interesting ways to stay cool at home.

– Keep in mind the attic is a place that can make a significant difference in helping keep the house cool in spring and summer. Proper attic insulation helps keep the cool air from escaping the home through the ceiling of your home.

– If you have central air, then you’ll want to make sure the ducts are sealed along with the vents and registers. That’s where a home can loose up to 20% of its cooled air.

– Ceiling fans create a pleasant breeze to cool a room significantly. Be sure you have the fan blades running in the right direction during summer – you should feel the breeze blowing down into the room. As you know, ceiling fans cool people, and not rooms, and they create a cool breeze in a room, which helps keep the air conditioning from working too hard. Note: Energy Star fans use 50% less energy than standard models.

– Contemporary lighting such as compact and LED bulbs are more efficient, while incandescent light bulbs can generate as much heat, as they do light. Using Energy Star light bulbs can produce 75% less heat than incandescent bulbs. Turning off lights on hot days can affect the temperature of a room, and the same goes for most electronics. In summer, you’ll most likely want to keep lights and electronics turned off in order to save energy and maintain cooler temps in the house.

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