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To all of Sunrise Mechanical’s existing, new, or potential customers, we are going to be covering the importance of maintaining your a/c units and how to PREVENT your warranties from being voided. When purchasing a new unit, your HVAC contractor should provide you with warranty paperwork, this is very important for a handful of reasons.

All major HVAC manufacturers are now announcing that “failure to maintain equipment will void this warranty”. These equipment manufacturers are requiring maintenance to be performed and proven in order to keep their HVAC systems functioning and warrantied due to their improved efficiencies and costly repairs.

Another contractor has stated “If you buy a new car, you are already expected to maintain it. Change your oil, change the brakes, air filter, those parts required to keep that car operating properly. That way, it eliminates any question that when a part fails, it is not a result of a lack of maintenance.” This is a prime example of why it is important to maintain your unit in order to keep it running smoothly. Your air conditioning system has many electronic components, wires and refrigerant that need to be checked on a regular basis to keep running at peak performance.

Another requirement of up keeping your HVAC unit is making sure that the maintenance is done properly. If you’re maintaining your unit, but it is still having issues, it may be because it is not being taken care of appropriately. In order to make sure your unit is being maintained correctly, you need to validate it is being cared for by a licensed professional and there needs to be physical proof of that in order to sustain your warranty.

Maintaining your system is only a minor additional cost rather than repairing it at full price because the unit was not maintained and able to keep up with the efficiencies. In all reality, the slight maintenance charge will end up canceling itself out because keeping your unit clean and up to par will actually reduce your energy cost, prolong the life and sustainability of your equipment, reduce repairs and protect your warranty.

Setting up a maintenance family plan is easy, whether your unit is new or older, by giving our office a call at 623-583-7879 because it is never too early nor too late to take appropriate care of your air conditioning unit.


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