What You Need to Know About Insulation

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The most useful types of insulation in Phoenix

In an area with weather as stifling as you find in Phoenix, it’s essential to keep your home sealed up tight. Many folks think that insulation is only there to keep your home warm in the winter, but it’s not. The right material also keeps the cold air from escaping in the summer. This can drastically lower your energy bill and make life far more comfortable for you. Find out what you need to know about insulating your home for all types of weather.

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Attributes of insulation

Before you learn which types of insulation are available, educate yourself about the qualities of insulation. Several factors affect how well a given type of material works:

  • R value: This rating determines how well the insulation resists heat flow at a given thickness. A good rule of thumb is that the better the R value, the better the insulation’s properties, though other attributes can affect this, too.
  • Cost: While maintaining energy efficiency is the ultimate goal of an insulation job, realistically everyone is on some sort of budget. Compare R value to the cost per unit to find the greatest value for your money.
  • Recycled material: Not so much a measure of how the insulation functions, but how environmentally friendly it is. Higher percentages of recycled material in an insulation mean that it’s better for the environment.

Which type of Insulation do I need?

There are many different types of insulation from which you can choose. Each one has its strengths, so you need to compare types closely to determine which one works well for you.

  • Fiberglass batts and blankets: This is the stuff you think of when someone says “insulation”. It comes in rolls and looks like cotton candy. This is one of the most convenient types of insulation, as it’s jsut the right width to fit between joists and studs in your roof, ceilings and walls. Most homeowners can install this on their own. The downside is that you need to wear protective clothes to keep from getting itchy fiberglass particles on your skin, and that if you compress the material or install it wrong you can compromise its effectiveness.
  • Rockwool: Also available in batts and blankets, rockwool is a lesser-known material. It’s more fire-resistant than other types, which makes your home safer in the dry season. It does tend to retain moisture, so make sure to take steps to dehumidify your home during flash flood season. This type of insulation isn’t as easily available as some of the others.
  • Insulated paneling: This type of insulation goes in with your siding. It’s very effective, but if you’re not already residing or building your home then it’s also prohibitively costly.
  • Foam: Foam insulation spray is a fast and simple solution. You spray it into between studs and it expands to seal every gap and crack. Due to the equipment that you need to apply it, foam installation is a job for professionals only.
  • Loose fill: This fiber gets blown into the area where you need it. It’s fast and simple to set up and various types of fill are exceptionally good at keeping out the cold. Some types of loose fill are so heavy that you can’t use them in an attic installation, though.

Who is your best choice for an insulation contractor in Phoenix?

Depending on the materials taht you want and the time and budget that you have available, you might be able to perform an insulation install for yourself. Keep in mind that if you do it incorrectly there are consequences down the road. Leaving gaps in coverage creates cold spots through which heat escapes, driving up your energy bill. It can also lead to mold problems, too, caused by water getting behind the insulation during the summer monsoon season. The combination of heavy rains and warm temperatures provides an environment in which mold can thrive.

If you want your job done right, make sure to call Sunrise Mechanical. We’re the top insulation contractor in Phoenix. Our decades of experience give us the edge when it comes to optimizing your home for energy and heat efficiency. We can and do work with all sorts of materials.

One outstanding feature of our service is how we also work on heating and cooling units. From the start to the finish we can set you up to avoid the hot, brutal Arizona summers and to stay comfy when the temperature gets a little chilly. Not only do we perform the job right the first time, but we’re also available for regular checkups and maintenance. So go ahead and contact us, either by a phone call or use the handy contact form on this site. We get back to your right away.

Why choose Sunrise Mechanical for insulation installation?

We treat you, the homeowner, with the respect that you deserve, At our free consultation we sit down with you and listen to your needs and concerns. You get an accurate estimate of the cost and type of service. We also explain everything without a lot of jargon so you know exactly what to expect. Our service scales to suit a variety of different budgets.
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Once you try us out it’s easy to see why homeowners in the area voted us as the number one contractor for customer service. As a family owned business we understand your need to make your home comfortable, safe and secure. It’s more than our job to make it happen, it’s our mission in life to see that our neighbors’ homes are sound and efficient. Make that appointment today and get your home ready for whatever comes your way this season.



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