How Do I Know When I Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

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Deciding On Air Conditioning Repair Service Can Be Tough

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How do I know I need an air conditioning repair service in Phoenix?

When it comes to deciding whether to not you need to replace your AC Unit, you might feel a bit confused about where to start. While it’s beautiful living here in sunny Phoenix, it also means that the climate here is incredibly hot and measures to cool you down must be taken. One method many us use to to tackle the heat is to have an air conditioning unit is to help keep you cool and to take care of your familys health and wellbeing. Provided it’s well maintained, an air conditioner should always be in perfect working order no matter how hot it gets. But should you find it’s not, you may need to call an air conditioning repair service to solve the problem. We think this is the best thing you can do to keep you and your family safe and cool all year round.

Here at Sunrise Mechanical, we know it’s far easier and cheaper to fix a problem caught early on than it is to leave it and get worse with time. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and that is something we instill into all our customers. Fortunately, once you know what to look for, it’s fairly straight forward from that point onward. But to the untrained eye, the signs may not be obvious and the only way you can recognize them is if you know what to look for. That’s why we’ve created a handy list of signs that indicate whether your AC system needs repairing.

Poor Air Flow

A functioning AC unit should be blowing out air with force for optimal performance. If you find that the air flow is weak and failing to circulate well throughout the room, it’s not only inconvenient, it’s a problem. When this happens, it could be indicating a problem with the ductwork. As time goes on, dust can build up in the ducts and cause obstructions in air flow. Not only means a poor working system, it also means potential health risks because the system will be blowing out unwanted debris into the environment. To resolve this, make sure the unit is cleaned regularly and if problems persist, call a technician.

However, problems with air flow could also be down to the failure of the unit compressor. If that is the case, a technician will need to be called out to fix it for you as the issue is qite complicated and requires expertise. Since pinpointing exactly what the issue is, having an AC repair contractor take a look at the unit as soon as you can is the safest option for you and your family.

Blowing warm air

Living in Phoenix means living in gloriously hot weather, and a working air conditioning system is a must. You need an AC system to keep you cool, and a system blowing out hot air is a system that quite simply isn’t doing it’s job. If your AC system isn’t working like it should, it could mean that your system is in serious need of repair. Warm air could be indicating that the compressor has failed or the Freon levels are too low. You may need an AC repair contractor to take a look at it to get it working again, or worst case to see if it needs replacement.

Check the thermostat

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Before you assume the problem is with the AC unit, check to see if your thermostat is working correctly first. The thermostat controls the AC unit and tells it how much cool air it needs to produce, so if the thermostat is faulty your AC unit won’t be working either. The way to check your thermostat is to first see if it will turn on and off, and check if certain parts of the house are cool where others aren’t. If you find after these tests that the thermostat isn’t functioning properly, you may need a professional AC repair contractor, since fixing a thermostat is a complicated issue.

Unwanted moisture

A working air conditioner should never leak, therefore any moisture around your AC unit is always a problem. The reasons for leaking usually come down to one of two explanations. The most serious case is when it’s a refrigerant leak. This type of leak can cause serious harm to you since Freon is poisonous, so for your safety you must call out a professional as soon as you spot it. However, it could also be that the drain tube that disposes the condensation is broken or blocked. While it’s a less serious problem, we still recommend you call out a technician to fix the issue to ensure you don’t have any problems with mold further down the line.

Unusual Sounds

Depending on the nature of the noise, will depend on what the problem is. If you hear a squealing noise, it might mean that the belt has come out of place, and if you hear grinding the motor bearings may be broken. In either case, an air conditioning repair service should be called out to fix the problem before it causes more damage to other parts of the AC unit, which in turn will cost you more money to repair.

Age and frequent of problems with AC Unit

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should repair your AC system or replace it, these are the most obvious questions to ask. If you find you keep needing to call out an air conditioning repair service, or perhaps you’ve had the unit for 10+ years, it might be the time to get a new unit. The cost for regular repairs can end up costing more than buying a new unit, and Ac units are only designed to last for so long. While there might be an upfront cost to pay, getting a new unit will save you money and a whole lot of hassle in the long run.

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