Where to Find World’s Best Chocolates: Glendale AZ

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Glendale AZ hosts one of the largest chocolate festivals in the world. Here you will find chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas, as well as other tasty treats that will include Aztec chocolate ice cream, deep-fried chocolate rocky road bacon, s’mores in a mason jar and much more.

Eurochocolate Perugia, Italy

As the name suggests, the grand festival takes place in Perugia, located in the Umbria region of Italy. This 10 day chocolate festival attracts around 900,000 chocolate lovers every year. If you love to binge on everything chocolate, you will find it all. There are elaborate chocolate sculptures to admire and live music to groove to. Get a taste of Umbria’s favorite Perugia chocolates, especially the very popular Baci (chocolate and hazelnut ‘kisses’). The festival also offers chocolate tasting and cooking classes for both amateurs and professionals.

Big Chocolate Show, New York, USA

The Big Chocolate Show in New York happens in the Fall-best time to visit the big city. One of the best chocolate festivals in the world, Big Chocolate Festival in New York hosts the massive chocolatiers, chefs, and bakers from around the world. You can indulge in chocolate tasting classes and enjoy the chocolates and pastries coming from around the world- which are nothing but the best.
The best thing about this grand festival is to make your own bean-to-bar chocolate or try your hand at making some delectable desserts made from all chocolate. If you want to learn the magic of making chocolates, you can attend the introductory chocolate-making classes.

Chocolate Week, London, UK

The extravagant chocolate week during October in London is a must-see for any chocolate enthusiast. The weeklong festival is filled with intricate chocolate jewelry and other chocolate art. You can meet and taste creations from world famous chocolatiers and there is an elaborate afternoon tea with chocolate-infused dishes on offer. Here you can learn how to temper chocolate correctly or how to mix chocolate-infused cocktails. Watch celebrity chefs in action at the Chocolate Theatre while your kids have fun in the children’s area, tasting chocolate and trying their hand at making chocolate sculptures.

Le Salon du Chocolat, Paris, France

Hosts from 15 mega cities like London, Milan, Tokyo and Seoul take part in the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France. No matter how perfect a chocolatier is in his job, every big chocolatier waits for this extravagant chocolate festival. Paris being the fashion capital of the world can’t miss out on this big event. The highlight of Le Salon du Chocolat is the chocolate fashion show that features unique couture designed by collaborations between chocolatiers and fashion designers. Of course, there are tastings, chocolate demos from renowned chefs, music and dance performances, and more during this five-day celebration.

Chocoa Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The deeply knowledgeable Chocoa festival in Amsterdam is filled with talks on understanding the evolution of cocoa from beans to chocolates. You can not only taste the best of chocolates here but you can learn where your chocolates come from and what challenges the makers face today. You can learn to recognize the good and bad chocolates with the help of chocolatiers coming from Netherlands, Hungary, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico. There are free chocolate tastings and delightful wine and food pairings to go with it. The festival is usually held in February.

ChocolART, Tübingen, Germany

Amidst the all-white backdrop in the month of December in Germany, you can get soaked in one more covering-Chocolate. When Christmas festivities cover the entire markets in Germany, one of the best chocolate festivals comes into action in Germany.
The Old Town turns into a chocolate wonderland! Leading chocolatiers and manufacturers from all over the world showcase their finest creations and offer tastings, workshops, praline courses, and chocolate art. Kids can try their hand at coming up with fun flavors for the Ritter Sport chocolates.

Glendale Chocolate Festival, Glendale AZ

Glendale, Arizona hosts one of the largest Chocolate festivals in the world that fulfills every chocoholic’s dream. The three-day long event in Historic Downtown Glendale hosts some of the world’s best chocolatiers and takes place around February every year. The Chocolate Affaire is accompanied by the candies, wafers etc where you can get your share of candy for free!! Isn’t it amazing, free sample candies for you candy lovers out there. Since it is a chocolate affair, the place is filled with chocolate purveyors from around the country featuring confections like perennial favorite chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas, plus new flavorful additions that will include Aztec chocolate ice cream, deep-fried chocolate rocky road bacon, s’mores in a mason jar and much more.
Families with children will enjoy a variety of activities, including face-painting, carnival rides, a rock-climbing wall and more. There will be plenty of musical entertainment, with outstanding local talent performing throughout the festival.
Well, that’s all for today. Hope water came drooling from your mouth while you were getting the tastes of all these extravagant chocolate festivals. How to visit?
You can book your tickets online easily with your master cards. So, swipe and gear up and get going.



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