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Power Cord

Power CordWith your other expensive home electronics like TVs, stereos and computers, surge protection is necessary. You can use a point-of-use surge protector that plugs into a wall outlet. You have likely seen one of these products and your computer is probably plugged into this surge protector.

With HVAC equipment it’s not quite as obvious. Your cooling and heating equipment have sensitive electrical components and need the same type of protection from electrical surges as do your other home electronics. Even if a single electrical surge causes no harm that you can immediately see, your equipment and electronics will wear down with repeated surges. You may find yourself making equipment replacements years earlier than you expected and otherwise not necessary.

Lightning may be the most well-known cause of electrical surges, but they are not the most common causes. The most common cause of a surge comes from your electric company and power lines, and high-power electrical devices such as vacuums, refrigerators and the hair dryer powering on and off. With a surge protector for your HVAC equipment, it will monitor the incoming electricity and shut down your cooling or heating equipment, protecting your system from damage when there is an electrical spike.

Because the surge protector keeps your HVAC system safe by shutting it down, you’ll need to learn how to restart your heating or cooling equipment when a spike occurs. Although a simple procedure, the specifics do vary system to system. Be sure to ask the contractor who installed your system or consult the user manual.

There are many potential causes of electrical surges and they are common, surge protection is a must for your HVAC equipment. Your Air Conditioning system is one of your most expensive investments, behind your house and car. You have invested several thousand dollars in your Air Conditioning system, it makes good sense to protect the system with a minor investment of a surge protector. Be sure to check one out for your system.

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