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Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Goodyear’s Dryer VentsDryer Vent Cleaning Goodyear

Your dryer vent doesn’t always capture all the lint from your clothes, even if regularly clean your lint catcher. The same vent that allows hot air from your dryer to escape may be coated in lint that escaped. A buildup of this lint can actually become an unnoticed fire hazard. However, regular dryer vent cleaning can prevent this, especially when your dryer is thoroughly serviced by our heating system professionals at Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

Clear your dryer vent with the best heating system professionals in Goodyear

It’s crucial that the moisture and hot air that’s created when running your clothes through the dryer is expelled. This goes through a vent that exits through a property, typically at the rear of the vent. Over time lint can collect. Just like in your lint catch the pieces can cling to one another. Sometimes filtration from a lint trap isn’t enough. These can cause two different problems.

What are the benefits of cleaning my dryer vents?

  1. Efficient performance: Your electricity bill can increase more than $24 a month from having a clogged dryer. Keeping your vents well cleaned and clear can drastically improve the performance of your dryer. This also makes your clothes take longer to dry. This also puts more stress on your dryer and shortens its lifespan.
  2. Fire Hazard reduction: According to the U.S. Fire Administration 2,900 clothes dryer fires occur every year. These cause an estimated $35 million in property loss, 100 injuries, and 5 deaths each year. This is preventable with dryer and dryer vent cleaning. We make the process easy and affordable.

Manually cleaning a vent might get surface lint, but deeper lint will continue to build up, requiring specialized tools. This buildup can even go unnoticed and despite causing a dangerous clog. If the vent clogs entirely your dryer could overheat and break or even catch fire. Our dryer specialists have the unique tools and training that allow us to find and fix these problems in your dryer vent while also catching any other issues we can fix for you easily and affordably.

Comprehensive dryer vent cleaning for Goodyear homes

We use the best tools and knowledge in the industry

Using the right tools for the job can make all the difference. Dryer vents aren’t all situated the same way. There are commonalities, but newer vents won’t always take a straight path, and this can create additional lint choke points. Our specialized equipment allows us to remove any hidden lint in your dryer system, no matter how your exit vents are constructed. We’ll make your dryer cleaner, safer, and more functional.

The most experienced staff for the job

Our technicians are certified and thoroughly trained to remove lent and debris safely and effectively from your dryer. Their efficient cleaning methods clear your dryer system without damaging your vent or other components. After inspecting your vent we’ll consult with you before any cleaning is conducted. Our thorough approach ensures we’ll identify any additional areas of concern in your drying system and let you know.

You should have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. This habit will keep your home safe, save you money on energy and extend the life of your dryer as well. In addition to cleaning, we’ll fix any of your AC-related problems. For dryer vent cleaning that Goodyear depends on, call Sunrise Mechanical!

Goodyear’s first choice for expert dryer vent cleaning and AC repairGoodyear's best dryer vent cleaning

For years Sunrise Mechanical has provided Goodyear with premium services for our local residents’ air conditioning and heating-related needs. We know Maricopa County like the back of our hands, and we treat each client like our family and friends. We know we can bring you the immediate services you need for any Arizona season. Call us today for the best dryer and AC related maintenance in the greater Phoenix area.

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