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Is It Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Dryer Vent Cleaning PhoenixIt’s easy to take the cleanliness of your dryer for granted. You clean the lint trap and you’re good…right? Not exactly. Lint doesn’t just get caught in the trap. When your dryer pushes out hot air and moisture it travels through a vent and outside your home. This air also contains lint that can get stuck at the opening and along the walls. This can present some serious problems. The dryer vent cleaning, Phoenix trusts from Sunrise Mechanical Inc make problems disappear and cleaning easy.

How does lint get into a dryer vent?

When your clothing drys it produces steam and hot air. This is pushed outwards through an exit vent in the wall that typically runs to the side or rear of a property. Over time lint can build up inside the vent. Sometimes the exit port air filtration doesn’t catch it all. Just like in your lint catch, pieces grab onto to each other and hold tight. These can cause two major problems.

Why should I have my dryer vents cleaned?

Dryer Vent Cleaning Phoenix AZ

  • Financial Savings: Clogged dryers cannot run with efficiency. They have to work harder to dry clothes, and that increase means more energy. Added electricity charges due to clogs can reach as high as $24 a month. This also wears your dryer much faster, meaning you’ll have to buy a new one sooner.
  • Reduce Fire Hazards: According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are approximately 29,000 clothes dryer fires every year. These cause as much as $35 million in property damage, 100 injuries, and as many as 5 deaths. Dryer and dryer vent cleaning can help prevent this. We make the process affordable, and easy.

Cleaning newer vents often require the use of specialized equipment. Manually cleaning a vent yourself might make it appear clean, but deeper lint build up will continue. This can be exceptionally dangerous. Your vent may seem clean, but if a clog manages to block flow entirely it could overheat and damage your dryer or even start a fire.

Get the Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Phoenix Trusts

The right tools

Dryer Vent Cleaning Company PhoenixUsing the right tools can mean all the difference. Dryer vents aren’t laid out the same. Though they have commonalities, newer vents don’t always take the straightest path. These bends can create choke points for lint build up. Our equipment can adapt to your vents, removing lint anywhere it hides. No matter how your exit vents are positioned, you can trust we’ll make them safe, clean, and ready to work.

The right staff

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in effective and safe lint removal methods. They take care to clean without damaging your vents. Every Phoenix dryer vent cleaning begins with an inspection. We’ll determine whether cleaning is necessary, and consult with you before starting work. As always, if we find any additional problem areas we’ll let you know.

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Dryer vents should be cleaned yearly. It’s the simplest way to keep your home protected, make your dryer last, and save money. For dryer vent cleaning Phoenix depends on call or contact us today.