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Cleaning Surprise’s Dryer Ventsdryer vent cleaning Surprise

Even when your lint trap catches debris, this doesn’t mean your dryer is catching all the debris and lint from your clothing. If this unnoticed fallout builds up for too long, this can cause a major fire hazard for your home. Luckily, Sunrise Mechanical offers regular dryer vent cleaning for all of Surprise to keep your dryer system running safely and efficiently. We offer the best services possible for all of your heating systems.

How does Lint Build Up in My Dryer Vent?

It’s crucial that the moisture and hot air that’s created when running your clothes through the dryer is expelled. This goes through a vent that exits through a property, typically at the rear of the vent. Over time lint can collect. Just like in your lint catch the pieces can cling to one another. Sometimes filtration from a lint trap isn’t enough. These can cause two different problems.

Why should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

  1. Your dryer will run more efficiently: Clogged dryers can cost you an extra $24 a month or more in additional electricity charges, and your clothes won’t be dried as quickly or efficiently. You’ll also have to run your dryer longer to dry your clothes, which is always annoying. This also puts more stress on your dryer and shortens its lifespan.
  2. No more potential fire hazards: According to the U.S. Fire Administration 2,900 clothes dryer fires occur every year. These cause an estimated $35 million in property loss, 100 injuries, and 5 deaths each year. This is preventable with dryer and dryer vent cleaning. We make the process easy and affordable.

Newer vents require special tools in order to properly clean them. Manually cleaning a vent might get surface lint, but deeper lint will continue to build up. This can be even more dangerous because an outward appearance of cleanliness can act like a false safety net. You may think your vents are clean as a deep clog builds up. If the vent clogs entirely your dryer could overheat and break or even catch fire.

Complete and Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning for Surprise

The right tools

We always use the right tools for the job to make sure you get the best possible service on your dryer. Since all dryers are built differently, there are commonalities, but newer vents won’t always take a straight path. This can create additional lint choke points. Sunrise Mechanical’s quality equipment allows us to remove lint wherever it might be hiding. No matter what type of exit vents are built into your dryer, we know we’ll have the tools to clean it effectively and thoroughly.

The Best staff in the Surprise area

Our trained and certified technicians know how to safely and efficiently remove lint from your dryer. Their efficient cleaning methods clear your dryer system without damaging your vent or other components. After inspecting your vent we’ll consult with you before any cleaning is conducted. Our thorough approach ensures we’ll identify any additional areas of concern in your drying system and let you know.

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To keep your dryer running at its best, you should have your dryer vents cleaned professionally once a year. This keeps your home safe from any fire hazards and extends the life of your unit. Our services also include AC maintenance and cover all heating system services. For dryer vent cleaning Surprise depends on, contact us today!

Surprise’s First Choice for Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning and AC Repairpremium dryer vent cleaning for Surprise

For years Sunrise Mechanical has provided Surprise with premium services for our local residents’ air conditioning and heating-related needs. We know Maricopa County like the back of our hands, and we treat each client like our family and friends. We know we can bring you the immediate services you need for any Arizona season. Call us today for the best dryer and AC related maintenance in the greater Phoenix area.

Just a short drive from Phoenix is the wonderful city of Surprise. When originally founded the city was only one square mile. But rapidly grew in size and population reaching 134,085 in 2017. And temperatures range from high 60’s to the low 100’s. Which is why residents of Surprise take their air conditioning so seriously. At temperatures that hot it can actually be dangerous in some situations and not having a working A.C can definitely be dangerous. You can always beat the heat and go to the Surprise Aquatic Center. With swimming pools, slides, diving boards and so much more the whole family can have fun in the sun. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc. we understand the heat of Arizona and how vital it is to ensure your A.C is working when summer time rolls around. But even with the heat, Surprise is home to some beautiful scenery, including White Tank Regional Park. It is family friendly and free! Or you can go to the Surprise Stadium and see the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers during spring training. Visiting the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium and Safari is always a fan favorite! Over 215 acres of land and aquatic animals, there’s something for everyone!

After being out and about, seeing everything that Surprise has to offer you can come home to a nice, cool atmosphere thanks to Sunrise Mechanical Inc. When our team works on your A.C you know it will be done right and you will always have a trustworthy company to call for any maintenance.