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Furnace Repair El MirageWhen the cold months of Winter set in, a malfunctioning or broken furnace can suddenly feel like a disaster. But with expert furnace repair from Sunrise Mechanical Inc, El Mirage doesn’t have to worry about any seasonal chills. Our company’s expert technicians take a comprehensive approach to troubleshooting and repairing any furnace problem with their years of experience and premier professionalism.  

Problems can occur at an electrical level, from lack of maintenance, and even just from sudden part failure. Don’t let a furnace break-down affect your comfort levels. Fast and efficient furnace repair is our specialty; when our technicians set a schedule, they have a detailed plan and know-how to finish as fast as possible. We’ll have a furnace contractor to your door in no time, providing fast and friendly services. Some of the problems we frequently handle include:

Furnace Problems

  • Furnace isn’t producing enough heat
  • Furnace isn’t producing any heat
  • Furnace frequently cycles
  • Furnace blower remains on

  • Operating noise is too loud
  • Pilot will not light
  • Pilot will not stay lit
  • Malfunctioning electronic ignition

Your Source for Complete Furnace Repairs

Furnaces come in an array of types, makes, and models. We perform oil furnace repair, gas furnace repair, electric furnace repair and more. A furnace lasts an average of 15 years. This number can be greatly increased with reliable furnace repair in El Mirage and regular maintenance. Occasionally we encounter problems that necessitate the purchase of a new furnace. Because we know furnace repair, El Mirage customers can rely on us to always present the full picture. Our technicians consult with you before moving ahead with repairs, and in the event a new installation is required we’ll explain why and go over all your options. Repairs increase furnace efficiency, but there are other ways to make your home more energy efficient.

The Furnace Repair Process

professional furnace repair for El Mirage
Inspection – When it comes to furnace repair, El Mirage weather, pests, and other factors can create a variety of unique problems. As heating contractors, we begin every visit with a complete inspection. We’ll look at moving parts, wiring, seals and gaskets, heating elements, and more. This also allows us to catch any other problems that may be occurring.

Furnace Repair service – We’ll inform you of the problem, any necessary parts required, and the associated cost. Whether you want to move forward is up to you. Our technicians are furnace repair experts and we only use the most reliable, name brand replacement parts. These have the longest warranties and a history of reliability.

Maintenance – We offer fantastic service plans that are perfect for homeowners who want to prevent the need for future furnace repair. El Mirage can have punishing weather that can take a toll, and our plans ensure your system is at its peak before major seasonal weather changes. Your furnace isn’t the only thing that requires maintenance. When is the last time your air ducts were cleaned?

Professional Furnace Repair El Mirage

Founded in 1996, we’ve been performing furnace repair services in El Mirage for decades. Our technicians are all local and know how the unique variables that make El Mirage such a great place to live can impact your furnace. Continual training ensures we’re always at the top of our profession, and a dedication to comprehensive repairs allows us to provide excellent work on older and modern furnaces alike.

When you want reliable, efficient, and friendly furnace repair in El Mirage call or Contact Us today.