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Furnace Repair Service Glendale AZ
When the weather turns poor, a broken or breaking furnace can feel like a catastrophe. With professional furnace repair in Glendale, AZ from Sunrise Mechanical Inc it doesn’t have to. Our technicians will diagnose and repair any problems your furnace is having.

Problems can occur at many levels. Electrical wires can degrade and fray, lack of maintenance can lead to worn grommets, or a part can suddenly fail. Don’t let your furnace problems take control of your comfort levels. Furnace repair is our specialty. When our technicians schedule an appointment with you, we keep it. We provide complete repair by knowledgeable and friendly technicians. Some of the problems we repair most often include:

Furnace Problems

  • Furnace isn’t producing enough heat
  • Pilot will not stay lit
  • Malfunctioning electronic ignition
  • Furnace blower remains on

  • Operating noise is too loud
  • Pilot will not light
  • Furnace isn’t producing any heat
  • Furnace frequently cycles

Your Source for Complete Furnace Repairs

Furnaces come in a wide variety of makes, models, and system types. We perform electric furnace repair, gas furnace repair, oil furnace repair and more. With a lifespan averaging 15 years, you don’t purchase a furnace every day. With our regular maintenance and furnace repair Glendale, AZ homeowners can get the most from what they have. Occasionally some problems cannot be repaired. After decades of local furnace repair, Glendale AZ customers know they can rely on us for the complete picture. Our technicians always consult with you before repair work begins. If a new installation is necessary, we’ll explain the reason and your available options.

Have you considered a furnace maintenance plan?

Gas furnaces require a working heat exchanger. In older furnaces, these typically don’t last longer than 15 years. Regular gas furnace maintenance in Glendale, AZ can help a gas furnace last 20 years or more. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc our technicians can make sure your furnace is working in peak condition. Though the average lifespan of a furnace is 15 years, this can be dramatically reduced without maintenance. Realistically regular maintenance can mean a difference of 10 years or more. Why wait any longer?

Why should you maintain your furnace?

We’ve been providing gas furnace maintenance Glendale AZ has relied on for decades. When you want detailed inspections that come with added benefits, you’re in the right place. Our furnace inspections cover 32 areas of your system. We’ve designed our services around a deep analysis of your unit. From top to bottom we’ll inspect moving components, piping, filtration and electrical systems, structural integrity, output, and more. Just some of the additional benefits our clients receive with their furnace maintenance plans include:

  • Scheduling – Whether they need scheduled maintenance, installations, or repairs, our customers receive priority scheduling when they take advantage of our gas furnace maintenance plans.
  • Discounts – Special pricing is available for plan members. This includes repairs, diagnostic charges, whole system replacements, and more!
  • Freebies – When you sign up for our Heating and Cooling Maintenance FAMILY PLAN Service Plan you’ll receive forgetfulness reminders, a free inspection of your duct work, and more.

Gas Furnace Maintenance Benefits

Increase your system efficiency – Our inspections occur twice a year before peak seasons. With properly timed gas furnace maintenance, Glendale, AZ residents know their system is reliable before it has to work hard. Maintenance services can provide immediate improvements to the functioning of your system. Every year you don’t get servicing, your system can endure a functional loss as high as 5%. That’s costs you in the long run and short term when your system needs to work harder to reach and maintain temperatures. Another great way to increase system efficiency? Have your air ducts cleaned.

Reduce the likelihood of failure – Lower utility bills are great, but maintaining your system is even better. Our inspections reduce the chance of a major failure during peak seasons. Failures can be especially problematic during cold snaps. Repairs are also more expensive than regular maintenance. Keeping a system in working condition reduces the overall cost of owning a gas furnace.

Contact us for gas furnace maintenance today!

With so many great reasons to invest in your home with a FAMILY PLAN, it’s never too late to get more from your furnace. We’ll keep it running its best, so you can get the most from your heating system. For complete gas furnace maintenance in Glendale, AZ from your trusted local provider call or contact us today.

The Furnace Repair Process

Furnace Repair Service Glendale Arizona

Inspection – When it comes to furnace repair, Glendale pests, weather, and other factors can lead to unique problems. That’s why every repair starts with a full inspection. We analyze moving parts, gaskets and seals, wiring, heating elements and more. Our trained technicians will catch any additional problems that may be occurring as well.

Furnace Repair – We’ll explain the problem, the repair timeline, and cost. Our no pressure tactics mean going forward is always up to you. Our certified technicians only use name brand replacement parts. These frequently come with extended warranties, and are known for their reliability.

Maintenance – We offer great service plans that are ideal for homeowners who want to exercise prevention. This can greatly reduce furnace repair Glendale, AZ furnaces will need over their lifetime. Weather can be punishing on a system, and our plans make sure yours is in peak condition before major seasonal changes.

Professional Furnace Repair Glendale, AZ

Furnace Repair Service Companies Glendale AZ
We’ve been performing furnace repair in Glendale, AZ since 1996. Our local technicians understand Arizona’s environment and exactly how it affects your furnace. Continual education keeps us at the height of our profession, and a dedication to complete repairs allows us to provide reliable work on modern and older furnaces alike.

When you want friendly, reliable, and efficient furnace repair in Glendale, AZ call or Contact Us today.

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