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Great performing arts theatres in Phoenix

Great Performing Arts Theaters in Phoenix

Enter another world when you visit one of Phoenix’s best performing arts theatres.

The movies are a great place to keep cool when your home is getting air conditioning repair service in Phoenix, but they always fall a bit flat. You and everyone else is guaranteed to have the exact same experience. There are no surprises. You’ll only interact if you whisper to a friend mid-picture. Where can you get an original experience that really pulls you in? You’ve got to take your mass entertainment back a few thousand years and visit one of Phoenix‘s great performing arts theatres.

The Arizona Broadway Theatre

If you love to sing, there’s nothing quite like watching a musical. That’s what The Arizona Broadway Theatre specializes in. With new shows every single season, and available dining, it’s an amazing place to for a night out. THey have kid friendly plays like Mary Poppins in addition to adults only fair like After Dark Cabaret. One of the most enjoyable parts of the theatre is how they support local playwrights. You’ll find original shows every single season with never before heard music and actors pulled from the community.

Special considerations

The theatre also hosts a wide variety of youth programs. These include general performing arts and themed camps that include Space Rebellion and Hogwarts Summer School. You aren’t just supporting local actors when you come here for a show, you’re supporting the entire community.

Herberger Theater Center

If you love the theater but singing just isn’t for you, the Herberger Theater Center provides a wide range of performance types. From classic plays to ballet and children’s lunch-time theater, they do a little bit of everything. That’s what makes this theater such a Phoenix treasure. It doesn’t just focus on one aspect of the stage, it invites audiences to enjoy them all. Equal billing is given for local and traveling productions alike.

Special considerations

Herberger has their hand in a wide range of community ventures. Most notably they sponsor the Phoenix Festival of the Arts every single year when it takes over Margaret T. Hance Park. This is a great place for local artists to come together and showcase their craft for the entirety of Phoenix.

The Torch Theatre

Specialization can be a great thing, especially when it comes to comedy. As the place to go for local comedy in Phoenix, the Torch Theatre delivers. This theater is a non-profit and hosts shows nearly every single night of the week. Improv performances range from long-form affairs like off the cuff musicals to competition environments and student showcases.

Special considerations

As a non-profit, all the money you put in goes right back into the theater and community. Free classes are offered every month and can give you the basics of improv. The theater provides classes for adults, teens, children and even hosts workshops for corporate team building! What better way to make a good impression on your boss than to make them laugh?

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