Heating Contractor Glendale AZ

Why You Should Hire A Heating Contractor

Heating Contractor Glendale AZ
When you want an incredible heating contractor in Glendale, AZ with decades of experience, choose Sunrise Mechanical Inc. We take pride in our work, and helping the residents of Glendale, AZ find the perfect heating solutions for their homes is our first priority as a heating contractor. You want a company that has competitive pricing, experience performing hundreds of repairs and installations, and puts you first.

With Sunrise Mechanical as your heating contractor in Glendale, AZ you always come first. Heating is an important investment. It determines how comfortable you are in your home, and a heating system is a major purchase. You want to know you’re getting a reliable unit, properly sized, that fulfills your needs. We only employ locally experienced certified technicians. We’ve found that technicians who understand the variable conditions faced by Glendale, AZ heating system owners are best equipped to identify their usage needs. That’s not all though.

What home heating services do we offer?

  • Maintenance – This area gets overlooked more often than any other. Maintenance of a heating system provides some great benefits though. Not only are you taking the necessary steps to prevent smaller problems from turning into larger repairs, you’re also keeping your heating system operating at peak efficiency. Residential heating loses efficiency year after year. This is in large part due to wear and poor maintenance practices. We can keep your system running its best, saving you money in the short and long term. Maintenance is also key to a long system life, and neglecting it can as much as half the life of a heating system.
  • Repairs – Even with the most attentive maintenance scheduling, the residential heating Glendale AZ residents rely on can still require repairs. There are a wide variety of moving and non-moving parts that can break. Choosing Sunrise Mechanical Inc means you’re getting certified diagnosis and repairs. We’ll identify the problem, investigate areas that may have otherwise been affected by it, and repair it using high-quality replacement parts.
  • Installations – When it comes to Glendale, AZ residential heating, a proper installation is the first step. Whether you need a replacement or an install for a new home or unit, we do it right. We’ll speak with you regarding future plans like the potential for family expansions. Determining how many individuals heating will need to keep warm, property square footage, and additional factors can help us to size your unit correctly. This gets you the most efficient heating unit for now, and later. Improving heating isn’t always about a furnace either. Ask about how new insulation can help you save money every month!

Take these steps to diagnose your heating issues first.

Our company is family owned, and all our technicians have lived in Arizona for over a decade. We understand the unique environmental hazards that living in Glendale, AZ can pose to your system. These factors can cause additional wear that you may not be prepared for. This makes us especially skilled at the diagnosis and repair of your heating and cooling system. There are some basic issues that you can self-diagnose before calling in the heating and cooling repair specialists at Sunrise Mechanical.

  1. Always make sure that your thermostat is set to “Auto,” and then enter the appropriate ‘Heat or Cool’ function depending on preference. If it is not, turn your thermostat on and wait to see if your system will automatically cycle on.
  2. Check your thermostat for a low battery indicator. If it indicates a low battery or the screen is entirely blank, try replacing the batteries and waiting to see what happens.
  3. You could have a dirty air filter clogging your system. Check your filter and replace it if necessary.
  4. Make sure all your breaker switches are set to the “ON” position. If they are set to “OFF,” you may need to reset your breaker.

What heating and cooling issues can we repair?

If these steps don’t fix your problem, it is best to call the heating and cooling repair experts at Sunrise Mechanical. Once we have finished heating and cooling repair work, your appliance will function like new. Our technicians always perform a comprehensive inspection before performing work. That way you get an accurate and complete diagnosis. After going over your estimate our technicians will schedule a time for repairs doing their best to find a convenient time for you. Sunrise Mechanical can tackle any problems you may encounter, including:

  • Improperly working thermostats
  • Units with minimal or zero air flow
  • Condensation build-up and water leaks
  • Abnormal odors and sounds
  • Units that cannot reach temperature
  • Heating units that emit cold air
  • Systems that won’t turn on
  • Systems that won’t turn off

Get the best heating system repair in Glendale, AZ!

For heating repair, Glendale AZ residents wouldn’t need professional technicians if problems were simple. Unfortunately, the Arizona environment can really take a toll on HVAC systems. That’s why our experts perform a complete diagnosis before work ever begins. Our technicians are certified and understand the complex relationship between HVAC parts. We know how an issue in one area can impact another, and can accurately diagnose any problem.

Heating problems we repair include:

  • Duct system blockages
  • Total loss of heating
  • Partial loss of heating
  • Pilot light won’t light
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Heater over-cycling
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Strange odors
  • Thermostat malfunctions

Your Source for Local Heating Repair

Not every heating repair company provides the same degree of service. We’ve received great reviews and an A+ BBB rating because of our dedication to our customers. Many of our staff members have worked and lived in the Glendale area for decades. We take a great amount of pride in making sure residents receive the highest quality heating repair Glendale AZ has to offer.

Get accurate heating repair for any heater type.

With extensive training and professional certifications our Glendale, AZ heating repair experts can provide quality repair work for any unit type. We work with oil, electric, and gas heaters, so no matter how you heat your home, we’re the only call you need to make. You want to be sure your heating system is made to last. That’s why our heater repair services don’t end at diagnosing the existing problem.

More than just heater repair.

Our heating technicians look at your entire system. We’ll check frequent trouble areas for your particular system including electrical components and moving parts. If we identify any areas of concern we’ll let you know. This allows you to address minor issues before they become major problems. Our technicians are happy to answer any questions regarding our heating repair Glendale, AZ services before beginning work. We’ll also cover pricing and parts so you never have to worry about surprises.

What New Furnace Installation is Right for Your Home?

Even if your furnace hasn’t reached the end of its life it may not be working at capacity. Time and poor maintenance lower your furnace efficiency and some studies put this reduction as high as 5% a year. A furnace typically lasts between 16 and 20 years. Replacing your furnace could help you enjoy the benefits of 2 decades of furnace innovation. We’ll help you consider every single factor so that you get the perfect new furnace for your home.

Gas Furnace Options

  • Furnace Size – If your furnace is improperly sized it won’t just affect your gas bill. An over-sized unit wears out more quickly. It actually overheats your home and cycles on and off more than a properly sized unit. If a furnace is too small it will struggle to reach the specified temperature. It may not cycle off and run nearly full-time. These both prematurely wear a unit. Our technicians will determine the right size furnace for your home based on your home size and heating needs.
  • Furnace Type – Gas furnaces come in different types. Depending on your home and needs, different options are available. Types include:
    • Low-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – These are perfect for tiny homes and mobile homes that don’t require high output.
    • Standard-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – We typically recommend this model for homes with a standard configuration.
    • High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – This type is ideal for large space heating and homeowners who value efficiency.

Furnace Cost – We get dealer direct pricing on trusted brands and new furnace models. We’ll work with your budget to identify the best options that meet your efficiency and budgetary needs. We also provide affordable natural gas furnace installation options. There’s no better choice when you want a great unit selection and affordable gas furnace prices in Glendale, AZ.

We can install your new furnace now!

We know that a furnace can’t wait. That’s why we get to work quickly. Our technicians always inspect your original unit before advising the installation of a new furnace. Sometimes a problem is keeping your furnace from working in full, and you may just be in need of furnace repairs.

Your Comprehensive Heating Contractor

There are a number of traits a heating contractor should possess. We look for employees that embody these because we know they’ll provide the best service to every customer.

  • Knowledge – A heating contracting company in Glendale, AZ doesn’t make it 30 years without a knowledgeable staff. Our technicians undergo continual training so that we can stay on the cutting edge of the heating industry. With continual improvements in heater life expectancy, size, and efficiency we need to know about the best products to provide them to our customers. We take careful measurements to determine output needs, sizing your unit to your property for improved heating and cost savings.
  • Heating Contractor Glendale ArizonaExperience – Our team is composed of veterans in the HVAC industry. A great heating contractor in Glendale, AZ doesn’t rely on one person. We’re a team, and everyone from our technicians to our operating manager has been in the heating contracting business for over a decade. With a NATE certified technician on staff and 100 years of combined experience, whatever your wants, priorities, and heating goals, our team can meet them.
  • Trust – As one of Glendale AZ’s most trusted heating contractors, we’ve got a history of excellence. We built our heating contracting company with integrity and honesty, providing customers with excellence in service and workmanship. Working closely with component manufacturers allow us to pass the savings on to you, that means the best heating systems with exceptional warranties at incredible prices.
  • Services – Our services don’t end at installation. Replacements may be necessary on older units, and ongoing maintenance services can keep your heating system lasting longer and working at peak efficiency. As a heating contractor in Glendale, AZ with diverse services, we can provide service for the life of your unit. Maintenance service includes complete inspections, discounted repairs, scheduling priority, and a variety of other great benefits.

For a comprehensive, experienced, and reliable heating contractor in Glendale, AZ call or Contact Us today.