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Heating Contractor Phoenix
When it’s time to get the service of a heating contractor, Phoenix residents turn to Sunrise Mechanical Inc. With the help of a heating contractor, you can get the system features you’re looking for. Our contractors are with you from start to finish, helping you explore your heating options, integrations with existing systems, and long-term costs in order to identify the best solutions.

A heating system is an investment in your property. Whether a home or business, comfort is key. With our certified technicians, correct installation and testing are guaranteed. We’ve built our company on kept promises. Those include attentive customer service, affordable pricing, and professional, thoroughly tested installation. For a heating contractor in Phoenix, choose local and enjoy the Sunrise.

Comprehensive Heating Contractors

Heating contractors provide a wide range of services that make it easy to get your heating needs taken care of. Whether you need installation, repairs, servicing, or maintenance of a home heating system, we do the job right from start to finish.
There are some common checks that may help solve your problem without the services of a technician.

What can you do to fix heating issues?

These steps may resolve some common problems.

  1. Check your thermostat settings. It should be set to “Auto,” and the function should be set to “Heating” or “Cooling” depending on your needs. If your thermostat is off, see if an automatic cycle occurs after turning it on.
  2. Many thermostats will indicate when batteries are low. If you see this warning or a blank screen, the batteries may need replacing. Replace them and see if it turns back on.
  3. A dirty air filter can cause a unit to clog. Check your air filter and replace it if it is dirty.
  4. Breaker switches should be positioned to “ON”. If any are “OFF” you may need to reset your breaker.

What are the most common heating and cooling problems?

If you still have problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work hard to schedule around your needs, and can often provide a same-day diagnosis. For heating and cooling repair, Phoenix technicians with Sunrise Mechanical make sure they know what they’re dealing with before beginning repairs. Thorough diagnosis allows for targeted repairs and the opportunity to identify any other system areas that may be troublesome in the near future. We discuss results with you before beginning work, provide an estimate, and can often provide same-day repairs.

Just some of the problems we repair include:

  • Broken or malfunctioning thermostats
  • Stopped or reduced air flow
  • Condensation and water leaks
  • Unusual odors and sounds
  • System cannot reach temperature
  • Heating unit is delivering cold air
  • Unit will not turn on
  • Unit will not turn off

We understand that when it’s time for heating and cooling repair, Phoenix HVAC systems are often failing when you need them most. That’s why we offer fast scheduling, reasonable rates, and HVAC service plans created to keep your system running smoothly. Our technicians only use parts that exceed or meet manufacturer standards. These often come with extended coverage in the form of manufacturer warranties. Experiencing a heating and cooling problem can be scary, especially in the summer months, but with our local repair specialists on the job you’re never alone.

Do you need professional furnace repair?

What kind of heating problems do you have?

Unfortunately, tough environments like Phoenix can take their toll on heating units. Even though many of the issues are similar, we always perform a full diagnosis before beginning work. This ensures we identify the problem in its entirety by fixing it at the source. Effective heater and furnace repair involve having the whole picture. Just some of the things we fix include:

  • Total loss of heating
  • Partial loss of heating
  • Duct system blockages
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Heater over-cycling
  • Pilot light won’t light
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Strange odors

We can work on any type of system

When you have trouble keeping your house warm, Our technicians look at your entire system. We’ll check moving parts, electrical components, and areas that are frequently known to cause troubles with your system. If anything raises a concern, we’ll let you know about it so you can decide whether or not to address it before it becomes an issue. We can even check your home insulation and make sure that isn’t the source of the problem.  We’ll let you know any associated costs with parts and repairs before beginning work so that you can make an informed decision.

Is it time for a new furnace installation?

The lifespan of a gas furnace varies greatly. Factors like use, age, your level of home insulation, and maintenance all play a role in how long it lasts. When your furnace stops working the options can seem overwhelming. When you need a new gas furnace installation, Phoenix, AZ helps you narrow them down. The furnace experts at Sunrise Mechanical Inc can help you identify the right furnace for your home, install it, and haul away your old one.

Even if your furnace is still working, it may not be providing the kind of heat it used to. Furnace efficiency lowers over time. A new furnace is an opportunity to enjoy decades worth of innovations. We’ll help you consider all the factors going in, so that you get the perfect gas furnace installation in Phoenix, AZ.

Gas Furnace Options

  • Furnace Size – If your furnace isn’t sized properly it can hurt more than your gas bill. An over-sized unit will heat your house too quickly. Once it hits temperature it shuts off. That constant cooling and heating results in over-cycling on and off. A unit that is too small struggles to reach temperature and may not cycle off. These are two of the largest factors that affect premature wear. Our technicians will determine the size of your property and show you models that will provide the correct amount of steady heat.
  • Furnace Type Gas furnaces come in a variety of types. Depending on your needs and residence, different options may be available. Types include:
    • Low Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – These are great for smaller homes and mobile units that don’t need a high output.
    • Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – This is usually recommended for standard configuration homes.
    • High Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – Perfect for heating large spaces or when extreme efficiency is important.
  • Furnace Cost – We get dealer pricing on the most trusted brands and newest furnace models. We’ll work within your budget to help you find the right furnace. Natural gas furnace installation should be an affordable option as well. That’s why we have some of the best prices on gas furnace installation Phoenix, AZ has to offer. For great selection and pricing, choose Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

Contact us for gas furnace installation today!

With reliable and honest technicians, we’ll always rule out repairs before recommending installation. A full inspection of your current unit will allow us to identify any problems that may be keeping it from full functionality. Furnaces have a long lifespan, and yours may just be in need of repair.

What to consider when choosing a new heating system.

How long does a home heating system last?

Even the best HVAC systems, furnaces, and water heaters aren’t designed to last forever. The average lifespan of a system is 15-20 years. If you bought a home with a heating system already installed, or purchased new over a decade ago, it may not have much time left. Poor maintenance procedures can reduce system lifespan and cost you efficiency. An improperly sized unit can encounter the same issues, even when you take care of it. That’s why proper sizing and maintenance are so important for your residence.

Beginning with a correctly installed heating system can benefit your home from the very beginning. Our technicians will look at the following considerations when determining the right heater for your home.

  • Property size – This is the biggest factor. How much space there is to heat determines the size of the unit. You do not want a unit that is too large or too small. Either end of the sizing spectrum won’t cycle correctly, or provide the most efficient heating. That puts added stress on the system and wears it much faster.
  • Set-up – If your home is already set up for a particular heating system it can quickly narrow down choices. If retrofitting isn’t required we can reduce costs while still helping you find a high-quality system. New properties have more options as ductless systems can be integrated from the start.
  • Budget – Money matters. Our technicians will help you stick to your budget by looking at the best options within it. We’ll determine long-term costs and financial savings from high capacity systems so you can get an accurate idea of lifetime cost when making a decision.

When you choose Sunrise Mechanical as your Phoenix heating contractor:

Heating Contractor Phoenix AZ

  • You get heating design and application experts: We’ll identify your heating needs before suggesting any units. We can evaluate for individual heating as well as combined heating and cooling systems. We’ll take into account use, building size and space, occupancy, and determine high heat over low heat areas. This way you’ll be able to choose from a list of options that completely fulfill your heating needs.
  • You get installation professionals: When they choose a heating contractor, Phoenix property owners get more. We’re experienced working around other crews, and can install your heating system even if a job site is active and moving. Our professionals perform testing both during and after installation for accuracy and functionality. Before completing a job we make sure everything works as expected and all measurements are within normal specifications for the system.
  • Responsive service from a knowledgeable staff: Our clients are frequently hands on. We know that a heating job can seem like a massive undertaking. That’s why we openly communicate expectations, timelines, and scheduling. If you have any questions at any time just ask. We’re always happy to go over any details with you or expand on the general process until your questions are answered satisfactorily.

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With a NATE certified technician on staff, and team experience that exceeds 100 years, you won’t find a better equipped heating contractor. We’re an Arizona native business, and understand the unique properties of the weather as well as seasonal changes. When you want a heating system that’s correctly protected from environmental factors, installed to spec, and perfectly matched for your building, call or contact us today.