Heating Contractor Scottsdale

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Heating Contractor Scottsdale
Scottsdale can be a sunny and gorgeous place to live, but nights can get especially cold. Once you start searching for blankets, an effective heater can make a world of difference. You want a trustworthy heating contractor in Scottsdale from a name you can rely on. Sunrise Mechanical Inc has spent more than 30 years providing heating repair to Scottsdale residents. With an extensive service record comes the experience to identify a problem, the knowledge to fix it correctly, and the integrity to do it right. When you want heating repair professionals that perform at the highest levels, nobody does it better.

Heating Problems

It wouldn’t be necessary to get heating repair in Scottsdale if heaters never encountered problems. Unfortunately, the harsh desert environment and torrential monsoon season can take a steep toll. We always begin every job with a thorough diagnosis before beginning repairs. This allows our technicians to identify any current problems. Efficient heating repair involves the whole picture. Just some of the heating problems we repair include:

  • Temperature inconsistencies
  • Heater over-cycling
  • Pilot light will not light

  • Pilot light will not stay lit
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Unusual odors

Your Source for Local Heating Repair

Not all heating repairmen are the same. Our A+ rating from the BBB and great reviews are a testament to our excellent customer service. A large portion of our staff have worked and lived in the Scottsdale area for years. We take pride knowing we’re providing Scottsdale residents with the best heating repair.

Complete Heating Repair

Heating Contractor Scottsdale AZ
Extensive certifications, experience, and training ensure our Scottsdale heating repairmen can provide expert level repairs for any unit. We work with oil, electric, and gas heaters so no matter what heats your home, you just need to make one call. You want home heating repair in Scottsdale that’s designed to last. You want to know your heater is ready for anything. That’s why our heater repair in Scottsdale doesn’t just focus on the present.

Our repair technicians analyze your entire system. We’ll check electrical components, moving parts, and areas that are known to wear down or experience premature failure. If we notice anything of concern, we’ll let you know. That gives you the option to seek repairs before it becomes a problem. Our technicians always provide you with a quote before beginning work, so your decision can be informed. One of the best ways to take the stress off of your heating system is with new home insulation.

Many of the parts we use are warrantied so that you get coverage that lasts. We only use the highest grade replacement parts when performing repairs. They meet or even exceed OEM standards. As your total home heating repair source, we perform work on all makes, models, and brands of heater. When you’re looking for thorough heating repair in Scottsdale that’s expertly performed by a team of dedicated and trusted local technicians call or Contact Us today.

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