Heating and Cooling Repair Peoria AZ

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Heating and Cooling Repair Peoria AZ

For exceptional heating and cooling repair in Peoria, AZ, contact Sunrise Mechanical Inc. Heating and cooling systems can be extremely complicated. In addition to having moving parts as well as electrical components, there are oftentimes multiple systems that need to work in harmony. When something goes wrong with one component it can have a negative effect on the whole system, and be extremely difficult to diagnose without professional help. At Sunrise Mechanical, heating and cooling repair in Peoria, AZ is our specialty.

As a family-owned company comprised of heating and cooling technicians who’ve lived most of, if not their whole lives in Arizona, we know what the environment can do to a home HVAC system. Heating and cooling systems can wear more quickly in Peoria, AZ, and regular inspection of your system can help you determine when it may need repair. If you run into some basic issues that may require heating and cooling repair, here are some steps you can try first:

Diagnosing Prior to Heating and Cooling Repair

  1. Check your thermostat, make sure it is in the “AUTO” position and set in the desired function, that is ‘Cool or Heat’. If not, turn it on and wait to see if your system will cycle on.
  2. Check the low battery indicator on the thermostat. If it reads low or the screen is blank replace the batteries and see what happens.
  3. Check the filter, your air conditioning filters might be dirty and clogging up the system.
  4. Check the breaker to be sure all breaker switches are in the “ON” position. You may need to reset the breaker if it is in the “OFF” position.

Complete Heating and Cooling Repair in Peoria, AZ

Heating and Cooling Repair Peoria Arizona
If you are still having trouble it may be time for heating and cooling repair from the experts at Sunrise Mechanical. As heating contractors, our work ensures that your system will work like brand new once our technicians are finished. We always perform extensive inspections prior to performing any work so that you get an accurate and comprehensive system diagnosis. Our trained technicians can fix any problem you might be facing, including:

  • Units that will not reach temperature
  • Heating units that blow cold air
  • Units that will not shut off
  • Units that will not turn on

  • Thermostats working improperly
  • Little or no airflow
  • Water leaks and condensation issues
  • Strange odors and sounds

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That’s not all. A thorough diagnosis and inspection of all components at work in your home heating and cooling system will determine what is wrong. No matter what problem we encounter, we can solve it and perform the heating and cooling unit repair services to get your unit back in peak condition. There’s no reason to go without heating and air conditioning in Peoria, AZ. When the weather gets hot enough it can even be life-threatening. When you need timely, exacting, and comprehensive heating and cooling repair in Peoria, AZ, don’t wait.

Contact Sunrise Mechanical or call or contact us today and see what exceptional service and experience can do for you!