Home Radiant Barrier Peoria AZ

Cool Your Home with a Radiant Barrier

Home Radiant Barrier Peoria AZ
Radiant heat from the sun is the primary reason your home gets hot. Certain insulation types can block some of it, but they aren’t specifically designed to combat it. That doesn’t mean you should give up without a fight. In the battle against increasing AC energy costs one of your greatest weapons is a home radiant barrier. With a professionally installed home radiant barrier, Peoria AZ homes can get the protection they need with Sunrise Mechanical Inc‘s proven quality.

Protect your home from radiant heat!

Your attic doesn’t naturally protect against radiant heat. Materials like plywood, plasterboard, and OSB do a poor job of cooling your home. That’s where a home radiant barrier Peoria AZ homes rely on for true cooling comes in. We use a water-based, aluminum colored coating called Heat Bloc-Ultra. This barrier coating provides some incredible benefits.

A Home Radiant Barrier will Block Radiant Heat at the Source!

Home Radiant Barrier Peoria Arizona

  • Repel Radiant Heat: Surface emissivity measures how effective a material is at emitting energy as thermal radiation. The lower the better. Treated plywood has an emissivity of .82 and plasterboard is .90. With a low-e coating like our home radiant barrier, Peoria AZ homes can see a major reduction in this number. With our services , ou can lower the emissivity of these materials to .19 or even lower! That means you’ll be able to block over 81% of the radiant heat entering your home.
  • Save Money: This provides your home with incredible cooling year round. That doesn’t just translate into reduced heat levels, it can save you money. Reducing the amount of radiant heat entering your home allows home radiant barriers Peoria AZ homes have installed to reduce cooling needs. Running your AC system less works two-fold. It saves you money by reducing your energy load, and reduces the workload of your AC unit. This workload reduction provides hidden savings by extending the life of your AC system.

Get Professional Radiant Barrier Installation

The benefits of a home radiant barrier can only be enjoyed after professional installation. We provide complete installation services from start to finish, and with a drying time of only 2 to 5 hours, it won’t be long until you’re enjoying a cooler home. Our process begins with:Home Radiant Barrier Companies Peoria AZ

  • Evaluation – We take the time to evaluate your home first. If you already have certain insulation types like spray foam, a radiant barrier coating may not be an option. An evaluation allows us to analyze your attic, and determine if home radiant barrier Peoria AZ installation is right for your home.
  • Consultation – Our knowledgeable technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have! Before beginning work we always go over important factors like cost, time, and the benefits you can look forward to.
  • Installation – Installing a home radiant barrier requires care and expertise. We fully prep the area and cover sensitive areas before beginning work. Our technicians are skilled and practiced at providing thorough, even, and safe coverage. For quick and reliable heat protection, a home radiant barrier is a fantastic choice.

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