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HVAC Contractor Peoria AZ

For the most reliable HVAC contractor in Peoria, AZ, you want Sunrise Mechanical Inc. With a team of highly trained technicians who possess decades of experience in the industry there’s nothing we can’t handle. We’ve been filling Peoria’s HVAC contractor needs since 1996. In that time we’ve seen every weather condition Arizona has to throw at us.

A city like Peoria requires adaptability. You want an HVAC contractor in Peoria, AZ who is experienced as well as knowledgeable. Our technicians can prepare your property for any temperature, getting the job done regardless of the season. For one of the most reliable, trustworthy, dedicated HVAC contractors in Peoria, choose Sunrise Mechanical.

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We built our business on customer satisfaction. It’s not something we could have accomplished without going above and beyond. Customers come back repeatedly because, at Sunrise Mechanical, we’re your:

  • Experienced HVAC Contractor – You want an HVAC contractor who has seen it all. We hire for experience as well as knowledge. An HVAC technician who has already encountered a problem is one who can fix it quickly and correctly. We’ve overcome every situation imaginable. You can be positive our technicians are prepared for any situation that may arise.Every property is different. Homes have different heating needs than businesses. That means unique concerns regarding output as well as electrical loads. Our technicians are certified in addition to being highly skilled. We’ll take careful measurements to make sure you’re getting the right unit for your property. Some contractors install larger units than necessary. They might see a small increase in profit, at the cost of your comfort. Incorrectly sized systems work harder, fail sooner, and cost more. The experts at Sunrise Mechanical will make sure you get the perfect system.
  • Comprehensive HVAC Contractor – As a comprehensive HVAC contractor in Peoria, AZ, we’re your one-stop solution for HVAC needs. Peoria is home to some extremes. Nights can be cold. Days can be blisteringly hot. You want a contractor who performs air conditioning installation, duct installation, and heating installation services.Our vast experience and dedication always go to work for you. We can help you determine the perfect HVAC system for your needs. Installation is done by our certified technicians and provides you with some of the highest quality systems available. That means longer warranties and lifespans.
  • HVAC Contractor Peoria ArizonaOn-Going HVAC Contractor – Our HVAC services don’t stop at contracting. After installation of your HVAC system, care should be taken to keep your HVAC system in peak condition. As your on-going HVAC contractor in Peoria, AZ we have a host of maintenance services that prolong your system and save you money.Systems that are well maintained don’t work as hard to provide cooling and heating. They also last significantly longer than those that receive little on-going care. If you ever need repair for your HVAC system our service plan also provides you with priority appointment setting. Your duct system should also receive seasonal cleanings. These keep allergy-causing mildews at bay, improve system performance, and keep pests from becoming problematic.

When you want a professional, reliable, experienced HVAC contractor that goes the extra mile for you, Call or Contact Sunrise Mechanical today.