HVAC System Maintenance Schedule

What’s the best schedule for maintaining your HVAC system?

You might have already guessed, but the answer depends on the system. Because many of these system categories have similar recommendations, we’ll divide them by ducting, heating, and cooling maintenance. If you haven’t considered the benefits of having an air conditioning repair service in Phoenix to maintain your system, you should. A properly maintained system lasts on average 5 years longer than one with sub-standard upkeep. What if you don’t maintain your system at all? Without any maintenance, you may be cutting the lifespan of your unit in half. That’s not the smartest way to maximize your investment. Let’s take a brief look at the benefits.

What are the benefits of a maintained HVAC system?

  • Maintain system efficiency. HVAC and heating systems lose roughly 5% of their efficiency every year they aren’t maintained. That adds up. Not only are you contributing to wear and tear, you’re paying for it too. Efficiency reductions get tacked onto your energy bill. Why pay more to let a good system break down early?
  • Prevent expensive repairs. The costliest repairs don’t happen overnight. Components wear out, and your HVAC technician knows what fails first and when to replace it. These systems also face a trickle-down effect. Damage in one area damages other areas. The sooner you repair an issue, the less likely it is to harm other system components.
  • Prepare for trouble seasons. It’s much harder to get immediate service during an emergency. When are you most likely to suffer a catastrophic HVAC system failure? During monsoon season and the middle of summer. An HVAC maintenance plan schedules services before punishing weather hits. That way you reduce your chances of a broken AC system when you need it most.

HVAC Maintenance Schedule Guidelines

Follow this schedule to maintain your AC Unit

Have your AC system inspected, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year. This is the minimum recommended maintenance schedule. Individual one-time services typically cost more than they do with an associated plan. Plans also offer additional benefits like reduced rates and priority scheduling. These plans put you in a much better position in the event you need service fast or have a critical component failure. Don’t neglect AC maintenance, you’ll end up paying more for it in the end.
What's the best schedule for maintaining your HVAC System?

Follow this schedule to maintain your heating system

Have your heating system serviced, inspected, and cleaned at least once a year. Because the majority of winter-time repair calls are due to a lack of maintenance, this shouldn’t be an option or vanity purchase. You’ll save yourself money in the long run. Critical life or death issues like carbon monoxide leaks can be caught by regular inspections. Heating system tune up costs vary, but typically don’t run more than $85. Subtract the amount of money you’ll save when your efficiency improves, and that cost is further reduced.

Use this schedule for duct cleaning

Have your air ducts cleaned every two years. Because Phoenix is a dry and dusty city, ducts accumulate dust and debris faster than moderate climates with more rain. Monsoon season also drives pests indoors, and one of the main ways they enter a home is via the duct system. Duct cleanings keep you safe from cockroach carapaces and other allergens. They also remove blockages that make your system work harder.

Maintaining your system is great, but how do you know what training an HVAC technician goes through before they can do it?

HVAC Service Maintenance Plan