Residential Air Conditioning Peoria AZ

Do you need residential air conditioning service?

Residential Air Conditioning Peoria AZ

When the weather starts to heat up, you need to know your residential air conditioning in Peoria, AZ is up to the task. This requires more than just a quick once-over. If the AC system in your home fails at the wrong time, it can be more than uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. Our experts have decades of experience servicing, installing, and repairing residential air conditioners in Peoria, AZ. Don’t leave the state of your air conditioning unit up to chance. Schedule an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable Sunrise Mechanical Inc technician today.

Should you call a technician for home AC repair?

Our technicians are skilled at repairing all makes and models of residential air conditioners. Every technician on staff has over a decade of experience performing extensive diagnostics and repairs on residential AC units. We perform comprehensive inspections of your system to determine exactly what’s wrong. With easy access to necessary parts by brand name makers, all of our residential AC repairs are designed to last. We handle every problem, including common ones like:

  • Lack of power going to an AC Unit
  • Non-cycling or stopped thermostats
  • AC system electrical problems
  • Warm air from an AC unit

  • Overly cycling AC or units that won’t power off
  • Clogged condensation lines
  • Frozen AC units
  • Strange or excessive AC unit noise

Our technicians keep your air conditioning system functioning the way it should.

If you are having home AC problems call us now. We frequently provide same-day service.

What can affect the performance of your home AC system?

The size of your unit determines how hard it works. There are two major issues that residential homeowners face with their AC systems.

  • The first is an oversized unit. These are installed by lazy or unscrupulous AC contractors. They may be trying to get more money, or just not care enough to size properly. You might think bigger is better, but you’d be wrong. A unit that’s too large cycles on and off frequently. It reaches temperature quickly, but cannot maintain it. This constant on and off wears your unit faster than it would if it was in a larger home.
  • The second is an undersized unit. These may be installed because of poor air need calculations, or a contractor had one leftover and wanted to get rid of it. A unit that is too small will not turn off. It is always working to meet your needs so instead of constantly cycling, it just never stops. That wears components out much quicker, and you will need to replace your system before its time.

Poor maintenance habits cost you HVAC life and higher energy bills. The average air conditioner loses 5% of its effectiveness every single year. Maintenance does two things. It restores that lost effectiveness, and it catches problems early. Having a part replaced before it goes out entirely prevents a chain reaction that can damage multiple areas of your system. If you’re still having trouble cooling your home after maintenance, you may want to consider new insulation.

You need the right unit for your home. Every system type has its advantages and drawbacks. The basic rule of thumb is based on your home size and usage. A smaller home is typically better served by central air. These systems are cheaper to install and keep the whole home at a single temperature. Split AC systems are better for larger homes. They allow for individual heating and cooling of rooms, so you don’t waste money cooling a room you aren’t in. Other options like swamp coolers and window units are also great for small spaces like single rooms, pre-fab homes, and other smaller dwellings.

Why choose us for your residential AC installation?

Residential Air Conditioning Peoria ArizonaPeoria encounters some tough weather conditions that really put your residential air conditioning system through its paces. Most house central air conditioning systems last from 15 to 20 years. No matter how well it is taken care of, eventually your system will stop performing the way it should, and may cease to function. You don’t want to go without AC a minute longer than you have to, so when your air conditioning installation has to go according to plan, you need Sunrise Mechanical.

Our technicians will go over all of your options, determining exactly what system size you need to perfectly cover your cooling needs. This is because when a system is too large or too small, it doesn’t perform its best, either wearing too quickly due to over cycling or failing to cool in a timely manner. Our technicians are adept with all types of AC systems in Peoria, AZ, and can install units and ducts for any home, including:

  • Split Air Conditioners
  • Packaged Air Conditioners
  • Central Air Conditioners and more

We maintain your home air conditioning system.

Residential Air Conditioning Companies Peoria AZ
As Peoria AZ’s premier residential air conditioning contractors we pride ourselves on a full range of services. System maintenance services like duct cleaning keep you allergy free and your unit from overworking. Our extensive service plan offers so much value, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better maintenance package for your residential AC unit. Our residential heating and cooling maintenance plan gets you a complete 32 point inspection twice yearly. We’ll go over every part of your system in order to ensure it’s functioning at its peak. You’ll also receive free battery replacements, air filters, no diagnostic charges and reduced prices on any repairs.

When you need residential HVAC service, call or contact Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

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