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Residential Heating Phoenix
Heating your home isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. You want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality service on your system no matter what you own. For residential heating in Phoenix, homeowners call on the experts at Sunrise Mechanical Inc. We’ve been delivering local services since 1996. Whether it’s a new home, an existing home, or an extension, we can provide the heating solutions you need.

How long does a residential heating system last?

Even the best HVAC systems, furnaces, and water heaters aren’t designed to last forever. The average lifespan of a system is 15-20 years. If you bought a home with a heating system already installed, or purchased new over a decade ago, it may not have much time left. Poor maintenance procedures can reduce system lifespan and cost you efficiency. An improperly sized unit can encounter the same issues, even when you take care of it. That’s why proper sizing and maintenance are so important for your residence.

Reliable Residential Heating from the Start

Beginning with a correctly installed heating system can benefit your home from the very beginning. Our technicians will look at the following considerations when determining the right heater for your home.
Residential Heating Phoenix AZ

  • Property size – This is the biggest factor. How much space there is to heat determines the size of the unit. You do not want a unit that is too large or too small. Either end of the sizing spectrum won’t cycle correctly, or provide the most efficient heating. That puts added stress on the system and wears it much faster.
  • Set-up – If your home is already set up for a particular heating system it can quickly narrow down choices. If retrofitting isn’t required we can reduce costs while still helping you find a high-quality system. New properties have more options as ductless systems can be integrated from the start.
  • Budget – Money matters. Our technicians will help you stick to your budget by looking at the best options within it. We’ll determine long-term costs and financial savings from high capacity systems so you can get an accurate idea of lifetime cost when making a decision.

Maintenance and Repairs

Residential Heating Companies Phoenix
With our HVAC plans you can keep your heating system in peak condition. Maintaining a working system is the best way to extend its overall life and reduce efficiency loss caused by age and wear. Our technicians will perform a 32 point inspection designed to catch problems in their infancy.

Early detection allows our technicians to perform preventative work and avoid more costly repairs. When system repairs are required we only use the highest quality replacement parts. We’ll also check problem down lines and determine whether further damage has occurred. A problem in one area may strain another. With Sunrise Mechanical Inc you won’t have to worry about the cascading effect. We’ll make sure your system is at its best.

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